10 Parenting Experts revealed secrets to raise a happy and confident Child!

  1. Dealing with kids require consultancy of parenting Educators. And seeking advice from them on different issues relating their ongoing stage is a good idea indeed. I thought to contact few Mommy and Daddy experts on how to raise a HAPPY, HEALTHY AND CONFIDENT KID. A kid when he wakes up early morning, he is fresh. The whole day he remains energetic and even after the tiring day passes away, he is not lethargic, disturbed or annoyed. What are Secrets to such an amazing kid, indispensable tacts to be followed will be revealed in this post by different Parenting Experts.

First of all, bundle of Thanks to all of the Professionals who on asking, responded and considered the Round up important. Thanks a ton for your suggestions and participation. Few I was unable to approach, so had to take their words through their blog.

I want all my mom & dad readers to enjoy Expert advices for free.



Lori Lite basically deals with harassed and stressed kids, plays beautifully with their psychology and prepare them for better lifestyle. She has got an amazing followership (47.7 K)  because of her heart winnig quality to satisfy parents to the maximum of her efforts. Lori helps children, teens, and parents decrease stress, lower anxiety, and control anger.

Her Website, twitter and facebook profile info is here. Consult for personal advice about your kid’s annoying and traumatic behavior in case there is a need. Highly Recommended!

On asking about the topic, her Reply was:


“When I think of happy stress free kids, I recall my own childhood filled with endless hours of unstructured playtime. Street games and climbing trees went on and on until our parents called us in for dinner. This scenario is rarely available today. Parents are driven by the news and rules of never letting children out of their sight.

While it is important to protect your children, it is equally important to balance this by giving extra attention to creating spaces where kids can be safe and have the freedom to explore the fun side of their personalities. Kids need the freedom to laugh, sing, play, make a mess, and be silly. Support free-flowing play by allowing kids to turn pillows and towels into forts. Don’t be concerned about the pillows having to be in the right place and resist the urge to correct how they are using books to hold the towels in place. Let them learn by exploring, creating, and making mistakes. Step back and take a deep breath. Tell yourself that child-driven play reduces stress and is an essential ingredient of happiness and health.”


Well Thanks a lot Lori Lite for a quick response ! ☺




Alli loves writing, traveling, cooking & throwing a mean party (that’s a good thing)! She’s also wife, mom, nana and a beach bum. Apart from parenting, You’ll find her sharing helpful hints for extraordinary events including frugal party planning tips, tablescapes and favorite recipes on the blog. Stick around and she’ll show you how to take her ideas and make them your own. She has five children and four grandsons. Great cook, Expert mommy!!

Thanks a ton ALLI SMITH for replying on the topic.


“The number one rule for raising healthy and happy kids is to be an example. Children enjoy imitating their parents and happiness is contagious. Kids need to know that they are loved and that it’s not based on their actions. Modeling happiness for our kids doesn’t mean putting them in a bubble and granting their every wish. Children need to be given responsibilities and they need to learn how to succeed and how to fail without us constantly jumping in to shield them from the reality of life. Ultimately, our job is to raise kids to be healthy, happy and to be contributing members of society.”





He is a devoted father, has an Excellent parenting blog. Also writes on business, technology, sports, education and politics not just on his own website but also on huffingtonpost.com, psychologytoday.com, seattlepi.com, and the Hearst Interactive Media Connecticut Group web sites. You can Read more about him from HERE.

His Viewpoint on raising children:

With two Daughters of the age 9 and 7, He found a contrast in his desire to protect them and at the same time his wish to set them free. He Says that he has to admit that he gets worried in case he does not hear the voice of his daughters when they are playing outside or riding their bikes yet the neighborhood is safe. He Says;

“Yes, there are risks to providing children the freedom to just be with themselves. And I’m not suggesting that parents should just set their children free blindly. There is a role for coaching, guiding, and monitoring children in their initial experiences as free-range creatures.
First, the message that the world is a pretty safe place (while also educating to realistic dangers that exist), thus instilling in them the security and comfort to explore their world. Second, our confidence in their capabilities to take care of themselves without our help. Third, our willingness to set aside our anxieties because we know that freedom is so healthy for them.”

Raising Generation Tech: Preparing Your Children for a Media-Fueled World

Thank you Dr. Jim ☺




The fact is I was unable to catch her, but her blogs convinced me to recommend my readers to follow her points in child upbringing. She is a founder of POSITIVE PARENTING SOLUTIONS. Provides satisfactory answers to parents for the child nagging and negotiating habit. Relatable and  trusted spokesperson. Read more..

To raise a happy, healthy and positive kid, AMY is of the Opinion that;

Parents must WATCH OUT THEIR ENERGY while dealing their kid.


“Which “YOU” do you want your kids to see?  Do you want them to see you as the joyful, fun, lighthearted parent or the one who’s in a constant state of stress and irritation?  What they see is what you’ll get as kids will often set their tone by ours.  Try changing your energy by simply smiling more. It will help you remain calm in times of stress, and your kids will notice and keep their behavior more positive as well.”


She further said that parents should focus on sleep management. If they are irritable and cranky, child will react the same. She suggested both parent and child to cope up with sleeping disorders.

Here is the link to her book for better understanding to raise kids.

The Me, Me, Me Epidemic: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World

Buy the book and I assure you, you won’t be wasting any money!

Highly recommended!



Melissa-Taylor-Head-Shot-300 (1)

I got so inspired with her commendable way of penning things down. Great lady! Great mom! She is a former award-winning elementary teacher, and a great author.

She has a daughter who don’t like challenges and would rather give up than persevere.

“This probably hugely is affected by her sensory processing disorder and ADHD. She’s living with a fixed mindset. And I’m worried” Melissa says.

To help her, she deals her in a way every parent should learn! Appropriate questions, daily learning discussions. Asking her daughter “What did she learn today?” “What mistake she made that could teach her something? “What did she try hard today?”

Melissa is of Opinion that;

“Encourage risk, failing, and learning from mistakes in your kids.We must let our kids fail now so that they can strengthen their growth mindset muscles. If we don’t, they will be adults with no perseverance, with no belief in their abilities to work hard and succeed.
Tell them about all thefamous people who failed and didn’t give up. Encourage and model positive self talk.”

Thanks Melissa for sharing ☺



Mrs. Meenal Arora is an Indian parenting Educator. An enthusiastic writer who is continuously producing awesome write-ups relating children, getting published in leading newspapers and monthly magazines there in India.

Viewpoint on upbringing of a confident kid.

“Recognize your child’s fear, Make your child feel comfortable, Teach coping strategies to your child, Keep children away from fearful characters.”




My post would go incomplete without mentioning this lady. Dr. Hartstein has made a big name in dealing high-risk children and adolescents and has received intensive training in adolescent suicide assessment. She mentioned few points in her blog to be taught to children for their better development.

“Dr.Harstein highlighted parents to teach their kids to be gentle, polite, tidy and patient.”

If we focus on each point, yes they seem general but in real proves as the foundation to raise them gentlemen in their upcoming life.


1.Princess Recovery: A How-to Guide to Raising Strong, Empowered Girls Who Can Create Their Own Happily Ever Afters

2.Raise the Child You’ve Got – Not the One You Want: Why Everyone Thrives When Parents Lead with Acceptance

The book helps parents ‘understand the power of acceptance in building a healthy parent/child connection’.




I found her points so valid that I had to mention her. She made a good impression on me by displaying her idea in her blog. She tells herself as a lazy mom of 4 children who lives in madison.

She says she does not entertain her kids for all hours of the day, its okay to let them play by themselves, and she lets her kids cry.

I believe there is no harm in that. This is how kids learn to volunteer.

“I don’t help my kids when they don’t need my help.
Of course, there will be times when parental intervention is necessary for the safety of the child, but whenever possible try to hold off on swooping in and saving the day, your children will be much better because of it. Your children will one day thank you for being so lazy, and helping them to become such wonderfully independent and confident adults.”





I know her personally and she best describes her experience with his kid and recipes she had to cook after marriage. How she was able to mould herself from an indisciplined teen to a great mom are all displayed in her articles.

On asking her, what she thinks of upbringing a confident and positive child, she replied:


“One of the most important elements of raising a healthy kid is providing ample amount of time coupled with various activities that enables creative learning abilities in your kid. I have been showing him poems, talking to him about everything that I do all day and try to make him understand about all those things that he is keen about. With this, not only do I find my son more active but also productive in his actions.”

Thank you so much MARJAN for your words :)



Oh yeah, that’s me! I consider myself as the most passionate mom. My blog clearly reflects my personality. It revolves around the secrets that necessarily have to be disclosed in child development process. I am more concerned to talk about parenting tips, married life issues, dealing with them wisely and rules to survive relationships happily. Read more..


“Well, my perception in this regard is to let your child enjoy his freedom. The more he has exposure to world, the more he will learn and come out to be a creative, bold and confident person from within. If you read my articles, you will have a clear idea on how I stop my child from misbehavior by not always pointing fingers towards him rather involving him in other attractive and positive activities, by switching his focus instead of holding his hands tight and giving him strict and fearful looks.” LOL


You can Check out from Articles.


Things I will teach my son in his upbringing!

Let me know about your suggestions about this write-up? How was it to read all experts opinion at one glance?

Did you find it helpful?


What in your opinion is the best way to bring confidence in your kids?

Open to suggestions. Participation is highly appreciated! ☺




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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