11 productive tricks to stay happier with your other half ;)


What in your opinion is marriage? Is it about love making and romance all the time? Or is it hanging out together, having candle light dinner everyday??
What is the practical meaning of marriage? Any idea?
Do u guyz want to develop a true sense of relationship that marriage demands? Or want to stay in the feeling that you have come from outside some other planet and hold hell of importance??
Should i disclose the true side of the story? Ready ?
Open your eyes ladies. It’s earth not the sky in which you are uncontrolably flying higher and higher. Come back from the myth! LOL

Its not a fairy tale in which there is a prince who is holding you and is giving you an out of world feeling. It’s about responsibilities and hardwork you put in making a house worthliving. It’s about sacrifices and patience. Compromises and struggle!

How many of you have patience to stay quiet even if your other half is wrong in an argument? Who can stay silent in situations like that? Think to yourself! Can you keep your mouth shut just due to the reason that the boss is always right? And your husband is your boss. Let me assure you if you cannot build the patience of losing an argument even if you are right, your marriage wont work. So,step no1.

1. Develop patience:

Stop thinking that there is always a need to correct other if they are wrong. It’s not a right approach in every situation. Let him enjoy his superiority complex. Why to always oppose him? If he is winning an argument, that means you are winning it beacuse you are his reflection. I have corrected  myself and the results were awesome. Apply this formula to your life if you are making the same mistake. You will see how life changes. Trust me it’s a life changing trick.



2. Stop giving opinion:

I know a lot of girls come into the relationship thinking everyone has their own perspective towards life. Everybody has power to speak out what they feel. But to make a relationship work, it’s better not to give suggestions when there is no need. If your husband asks you then suggest him. He would give you more respect, thinking, you don’t interfare in every affair and life will be in peace. This is my experience, when you don’t indulge yourself in his every affair, He himself comes and asks you about your opinion in the matter. Beacuse you give him space and men love it.

3. Work on your appearance:

A lot of women are lacking in this, and this is the dilemma that when it’s time for your husband to come back from work, you are badly tired, performing household and running after kids. Work on your appearance if not much just apply a cool lip color and a proper ponytail. You should not give him a feeling of an awful ugly woman.

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4. Don’t talk much about how tensed the day was for you. kid teasing and other routine issues you had whole day. Resolve such issues yourself, don’t make it a headache for him. He will hate coming to you.

5. Do not take him for granted. Ask him how was his day? Listen to him. Smile and appreciate.

6. Keep check of little things. Like ask him for apology when something gets wrong. Finish your ego but never let your dignity down. Dignity and self esteem is one thing but there is a fine line between both. Ego finishes the relation. but hurting other self esteem ruins the whole person from inside. So do not compromise when its about your dignity.

7. Say Thank you on little things. Atleast give him the same amount of courtesy that you give to your friends if not much. But in fact this should be the minimum criteria. Do not let the respect factor finishes. If you respect him, he will treat you very well.

8. Be calm and polite. Sometimes you come across harsh realities in your relationship. May be an affair or nasty talks of your husband with other girl. I have read a lot of studies exposing ‘divorses’ reason being ‘husband’s affair’. Be kind. Don’t take decisions so fast. Look into yourself where you were lacking. Realize and Correct yourself. If you succeed in doing this, i am sure he will correct himself too and will feel guilty.

9. Give him a feeling that your world is empty without him. And you need him every minute. Your possessiveness will make him feel like a king. He will feel secure in his kingdom.

10. Forget the past if he has cheated on you. Let the bad feelings go. This is how you will be happy and you will make him feel the same way. Every day is a new day and you should spend it to the fullest.

11. Be kind to his family. Welcome them, love them, make delicious food for them and make them feel special. He will feel valued by you.

I always try to highlight topics which can bring some change in you as a human. Improvision is my basic genre and i hope to bring some positivity in my reader’s life. Eliminate clashes. Enjoy life. Relish the beauty of being together with your other half. Because it’s life. Unexpected and short. Live like it’s your last day. You don’t even know the next day you will be here or not. So smile and let others smile. As its the best remedy :)
Stay cool. Stay blessed !! :)




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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