12 Signs You Are Still NOT Ready to Get Married !!

The Indications for Guyz when to get themselves married are obvious. I don’t need to discuss in detail as they must reach the defined age and a good source of Income! Here, I am going to talk very Practically about Girls when they are still NOT ready for Marriage. Especially in Pakistani Society. Still perceptions may vary but this in particular is my perspective.


What I Concluded after observing couples and my Research and Experience says the same that if below mentioned points are there in a Girl, then she should simply say “NO” to Marriage.

1. Impatience.

Patience is a big Quality a woman owns that no other quality can compete with it’s benefits. Women for Herself is doing a great deal of bonus by being Patient and calm. This trick can make anyone in her In-laws Affectionate towards her. So, if you are querulous or snappy in nature, first try to change yourself then get into a Relationship otherwise insult is all yours.

2. Extreme Emotional Attacks.

Being Extremist is a big fault in any woman out there. One has to be bold and open minded to accept any situation. HyperSensitivity can be very harmful for your innerself and can lead to depression. Marriage requires you to be very strong and tolerant in nature.

3. Princess like feeling.

When Girl is at her Father’s home, she says anything anyway in any tone without thinking. Contrary to this, Girl has to be careful in selection of words. Also she needs to put in a lot of effort in the marriage box which is at start empty. She has to fill it so that she can get something in return. Make up your mind before saying YES to the proposal.

4. Unadjustable.

After you get married, cuddling and love making goes on side. It’s an hour or so thingy. But nature is something, your partner loves or hates. Make him admire your habits and attitude for Ever Lasting Love. You might will have to mould yourself to some extent so adjustments have to be made.

5. MisManagement.

Most of the time, woman complains that she has to get insulted on mere time mangement issue. But it is a big problem if women is lacking in this. Men never compromises if he is getting late for work because of your mismanagement neither he is going to wait for you to prepare meal for him or to iron clothes for him when he is done with bath and just thinking of leaving.

Why not to do all this stuff done before- hand Even a night before??

You can Half done his lunch, iron his clothes, polish his shoes and make ready his gym bag if you have problem waking up an hour ago. Do all this a night before.

Why to start up a day fighting?

So are you ready to get married ?? Ask yourself?

You need to be multi talented and versatile enough to deal with all these simple things.

6. Bad Working Speed.

It is good for your ownself to speed up rather than to listen to taunts all the time.


7. Incapability to mould Worse Situation in a Pleasant one.

It is a women responsibility to change a worse situation in a better one with her tricks. Learn those tips from Elderly person in your family or your mother can be your big mentor in this regard so first understand this skill and then go for marriage. If you feel yourself lacking in making other’s calm down, Learn this first!

8. Aggression.

Aggression is not made for ladies even they dont look cool in this but weird. But nowadays I see girls are even more aggressive than boys. Rather than giving this abnormal glimpse to your husband, first make yourself humble and polite so you don’t have to face much problems ahead. As once your husband starts thinking of you as being boss of him, he will try every possible way to put you down.


9. Depressing Nature.

Husband should be welcoming towards her wive’s attitude..should listen to her problems if any, should try to calm her down, should treat her like a princess as this will explain his own upbringing in a Queen’s arm. But sometimes husbands have a tiring day so If you often feel yourself stressed out, wait for him to fresh n up, have some meal then you can explain what stressed you out the whole day. You should understand when is the right time to say something.

10. Conflicting Attitude.

I know every single person on earth, has a right to think the way they want to. Freedom of thoughts and speech is given to everyone. But marriage is the name of being together forever, you can give your opinion but it may happen that your opinion may not be welcomed. Dont lose heart. It is you who has create your own importance and dignity.

Why to give your precious opinions for free?? 😉

When your suggestion can give a bad impact in case you have a conflicting opinion, then why to ruin your impression? Stay silent! Ignore !!

Once you develop this habit of less arguing, you can say YES to the proposal.


11. Meanness.

Before getting married, We think everything for our own sake, We have nothing to do with the rest of the family. We, The Girls, live in our own self created world, What to eat, What would go best with the specific dress and it is totally up to us When to wake up, selfishness and ill temperedness is part of our living. Even we hit our siblings when rude so it does not go when you are married.

12. Ego & Stubborness.

The more the ego, lesser would be the respect. For how long, your partner will continue with your pigheaded and obdurate nature. At last he will put an end to this after concluding on the single thing that is obvious in such circumstances. Ego is something men cannot stand, even they have much more than you. The difference is that wife is their weakness and they don’t show up but once they show their ego, it’s gonna ruin peace of your days and nights. So first come on earth from the seventh sky. Feel a difference in you. Then go foreward for such a pious relation.


Need is to preapare yourself before getting into a relationship which is pure and ever Lasting. It’s not a joke neither it’s about one day or a night stand. It is to fall in love with the same person over and over again, giving sacrifices for him, compromising and being Generous, Forgiving and kind to him and his whole family.

You must learn Few Critical Skills before getting married from Experiences of others so that you don’t feel like fighting a War Afterwards. Those Skills are Just Opposite to the points listed above !! 😉





I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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