14 Things I want My Son to Learn before He turns 14 !

Prayers Encouragement should be the main concern of every Parent. As it is the ultimate shadow in your child’s life. I want my son to be Spiritually Strong. Few things I focus should not be lacking in his upbringing including Prayer:


To be on a Safer side, it is always a better idea to keep an eye on your child’s activities Especially at this stage when he is about to hit puberty, his School friends should be on top of your list to be checked! As your kid has to meet them on Everyday basis.

Develop such strong bond with your child that HE loves sharing whole day long activities to you even after he enters his Boyhood. Make him get addicted to the habit of talking to you before falling asleep. Eliminate Generation gap by being his best friend. Your closeness should become the source of joy and happiness for your kid that he finds no other way else talking to you.


Strong bond between mom & son !

This will give you a bonus. You will get an opportunity to conclude with his conversation that which kind of people he is meeting up with. Explain him what you felt wrong, indirectly pointing some similar story in response and make him aware of results.

This is every Mother’s responsibility to produce real men who respect women.

Everywhere it’s like teaching daughters, why not to teach our sons not to be Ferocious and brutal ! Why it is not to tell them how a gentleman speaks to women.

This is all upto us as mothers to teach our sons how to treat girls. Not to consider them a poor Entity or a source of pleasure only. Admire them, make them feel special and understand them. Even helping in kitchen is not a big deal!

If women can do a full time job in kitchen then why men can’t just assist them. Change has to be brought by us “THE MOTHERS”!



Love can never be Selfless, Everybody wants something in return. Husband wants care, WIFE wants security in return and kids want the latest thing that their friends are enjoying.

Then how to raise a child to love Selflessly?

It’s difficult but indulging a thought in his mind of never expecting anything from any other person is a great step. A person should only expect the best from GOD. I want to make him to be like the guy who he wants to see his daughter to be with. A harmless, selfless, loving and caring person, one who spreads comfort around.



I want to teach him how being short- tempered can harm his Productivity. So I will make him learn the art of staying cool and even-tempered.

Humble man is always loved by God and attracted by people.

Lesser the knowledge, More the Ego.


An Egoist person is neither admired by God nor by society. So I wish I could make my Son a gentleman, wiser and down to earth person, one who loves and helps Creature of God!

My main focus is to bring the best out of his communication skills. He should have a very mature and practical approach. I just don’t want him to be talking lame and stupid. Once he will have a mature talking behavior, know- how of all technological advancements, familiarity to gadgets and passion of exploring new things, he can Earn himself in real sense.

He must be taught to learn people behavior. Six sense if strong can be a plus for your kid. Infact it’s a random guess but most of the time, the prediction is really close to reality. Reading people mindset is an art. I want to make my kid learn that.

Time is precious and there is no doubt about it. I will make him value time and take out best results in specified period. Beacuse once it has passed, nothing can be done except regretting and I would never want my child to face repentance. This guilt can build complexes in his personality.
Working much in lesser time is what I want to teach him about. And his Father is a great motivation in this regard. If my child just looks at him as a role model, he can be way too successful.

This should be the duty of a mother to dictate her kid about the importance of money so that he values it and saves it. Spending aimlessly, wasting it, considering it less worthy thing will make him lazy for whole of his life.

Tell him how much hardwork his father has been done, how you were able to save that much of amount and how it helped in crucial moment.

At this stage he must learn practical things.



I want my child to practice backups. If plan A doesnot work, there should be a plan B and above all plan C should be ready too. This will eliminate stress in his life and he will be more organized and disciplined!

Again I am hopeful that my son is going to observe multi tasking from both his Parents. His father,

ALI RAZA, a big name in Internet field, Google adwords professional, runs a personal blog, plus handles Family business very well, Supervises Factory outlet in morning time. Also has never compromised on Family time.

I, his Mother managed studies after marriage also making name in blogging, working well as freelance writer, people are appreciating the hardwork. Apart from this, managing household work, taking care of baby, have never compromised on baby’s breeding. So I am quite hopeful that he will Enlighten our name even more brightly with this inherited talent.

A must required quality of today’s world where Emergencies often happen. I want to make my child strong enough to take accurate decisions when encountering such situations.

Kid looks wise when he responds sensibly to situation. Being spontaneous is an art according to me and it’s a sign of your child being sharp, wise, intelligent and bold! A must needed quality of the era we are living in!

Teaching him start up some small business on internet, helping him accomplish this and then making him Independent.

It is my utmost desire not to see my child dependent on any other person except for his parents and life is so unpredictable, may be one day i am here and the other day i am not !!


Engage your child in such constructive activities from day 1 at home so that he learns the importance of time and money, so that he values your struggles and gets to know the power working smarter. This is how he won’t waste his single day hanging out with friends, getting betrayed ! He will salute you one day on reaching the highest position that people dream for!!

Get ready mothers! You can bring the Change !




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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