15+ Educational Activities Ideas for Kids!

It is an utmost desire of every parent to give best level of education to their kids. As Education is the prime requirement of an individual to move in a society in a successful and sophisticated manner. To serve this purpose, we admit our kids to the most prestigious institutes around the globe. But we forget the fact that the a mother’s way of teaching is uncomparable. You as a mom can implement variety of ideas to develop your child’s inclination towards education to simply remove the stigma of so-called studytime.
When child is at home, he can learn in a better way during his playtime. Because When this education gets mingled with creativity, it aids in giving more productive, brilliant and accomplished members who could highly contribute towards the betterment of society.
The educational sector now fundamentally focuses on colorful and playful learning from very basic levels. The colorful variations in amusements make them more appealing. Students are taught various lessons through attractive activities and this helps to unveil their inner inventiveness and vision. When it comes to my own practicality regarding my son, I definitely try to bring him up in an unconventional and an unusual environment at home.
I always see mothers complaining that their children tease them being at home and when they are in school, its the best time to get themselves back to normal. I wonder how could you not enjoy the presence of your children. How could you not get involved in their activities to prove yourself to be a wonderful parent. Every time stopping them from exposures and not letting them learn from their practical experiments can spoil their vision. A mere fear of our stuff would be ruined or our home will convert into a jungle, we simply stop their inner skills to grow. Stop being enemy of your kids. Kids will be kids. Don’t try to make them a sophisticated human when they actually are not! They are kids!!! Let them make mistakes to learn for their lifetime. Let them be what they are. If you don’t know how to engage toddlers in a constructive manner so that they could atleast learn something after creating this much of mess. Here are few tips and ideas that I have been applying in this concern. Hope to help my reader mommies by revealing few! Enjoy :)
  • From the age of six months we as parents should introduce our kids to books. Rather putting light emitting gadgets and any kind of visual stimuli infront of them, we should provide them with waterproof, untearable and colorful books so that they can play with them. This will help them get familiar with the books. If I talk about myself, I used to get myself engaged with him to play with those books and used to refrain from my personal electronic activities. So now when he is a toddler, he loves to have books in hands and always asks me to bring books to read ABC or to revise shapes and colors or to recognize animals and transportation (vehicles).


  • We must take them to public parks on daily basis and should describe the weather in a practical way. For instance falling leaves depict autumn whereas colorful flowers around demonstrate spring season. On the other hand parks have proven to be the best platform for a child to enjoy outdoor activities like running and jumping. I am never a kind of mother who creates boundaries to her children. I would most probably go out with him, leaving behind my personal work to enhance his inner skills. As open air workout results in more healthy mental as well as physical status so I would prefer taking him out.

  • I always have tried to be a very fun loving mother to my son. Both of us enjoy water activities together. Bath time is another most fascinating time for him as I prepare a pool for him and he loves to make splashes in his bath tub. I don’t make bath time only the mission to clean his body but also to enhance his muscular development.


  • We live in the world which is far beyond dullness. This is the era of colors and I always have provided my son with color pencils and pastels at a very early age. I used to leave him with an empty carton of any electronic item and he was allowed to transfer his visions on that carton with the help of colors. He was free to make as many as random lines he want and was never forbidden to suppress his emotions.

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  • As painting and coloring is an initial step of writing, I leave my kid with a bucket of water along with a paint brush to paint a fence in garden. It helps him to remain indulge in a stimulating work out and develops confidence level.

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  • Through various life skills, I focus on helping my child in his learning. I provide him with fake coins having numbers written on them and display a stall having toys and stationary items. Both of us practice shopping activity. He pays the price of required item by counting the given coins. This activity surely energizes him and helps in developing his skill towards recognition of digits.

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  • Color acknowledgement is very thought provoking and for this I present to my lil one, the most interesting animal i-e elephant. Elephant attracts him a lot because of its huge size, long teeth and a trunk. I exhibit ten elephants of different colors in front of him and he is supposed to identify blue elephant, red elephant, green elephant etc. In this way he can distinguishing different colors while enjoying his favorite animal.


  • I buy him different color paints and draw random shapes on a paper like circle, oval, star etc. Then I dip his finger in his preferred color and he has to follow those shapes on the paper with his painted finger. By this task he just don’t learn colors but also gets familiar with shapes in a playful manner.

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  • As he has learnt numbers 1-10, I would wish him to seek reverse counting as well. For this purpose, I write digits on the floor with chalk and ask him to step on the digits in a straight way. After that I request him to move backward from 10-1 and this will definitely help him learn reverse counting and will also please and cheer him, jumping forward and backward.

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  • Just for the sake of artistic development of my kid’s mind, I plant several fruits and vegetables in my garden. Along with me, he takes care of coriander and mint leaves and gets amused to watch cherry and tomato plants growing. I also educate him about the fruits and vegetables regarding their seasons.


  • As banana is his favorite fruit so what I do is, I carry out a campaign involving this fruit. I draw a large size banana on a chart paper and after being cut, that will be pasted in his room. On daily basis I tell him different adjectives related to it. It will be like yellow, tasty, delicious, yummy, healthy banana and many more.


  • I like to exploit his love for fruits. I prefer to arrange an irresistible activity in which he is supposed to dip different fruits in paint and will mark them on paper. He is required to dip banana in yellow color, apple in red color, grapes in green color etc. This undoubtedly makes him learn different colors of different fruits with high spirits.


  • As he learned A-Z through poems, I prepare small papers with single alphabet written on them. Then after picking paper one after the other, he is supposed to answer my alphabet and I am supposed to tell his..! Another idea for introducing spellings is that both of us would scrabble different names. First of all, I’ll guide him to scrabble his own name, then his mom’s and his dad’s name and so on. Through this recreation, he would also be able to learn spellings of different Disney characters and other loved items as well. But right now, he is too small for learning spellings but once is a bit older, would definitely apply this idea.

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  • During different activities in our routine life e.g eating, bathing, dressing etc, I inform him about various nouns around. In this way he is able learn great number of nouns like chair, table, plate, spoon and many more with his random movement throughout the house. Whenever we go for grocery or other kind of shopping, I keep telling him about nouns that cross by.


  • I never wish my son to behave like a stranger towards his five basic senses. For this purpose I take him to parks more often and ask him to close his eyes for a while in order to concentrate on giggles, laughter and screams around. Sometimes I play with him by making him close his eyes and giving him different fruits to smell. He recognizes the fruits by their smells whether that is a banana or a apple. Likewise I adopt interesting tactics about the rest of senses.


  • Recycling old newspapers can give us many sorts of thoughts. After healthy counseling by me, my son certainly is now able to make balls of old newspapers. He has expertise in making the best use of it by cutting them and making collage on any given drawing. This activity aids my son to become proficient in demonstrating bundles of ideas jumping in his mind.


  • Trees are very important for us and providing them better soil is our sole duty. I engage my kid with myself in making natural fertilizer for plants and trees. Both of us go to a nearby garden to collect dry leaves and bury them to provide our garden plantation with best fertilizers.

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  • Both of us casually play with colorful dough. I buy fabulous cutters which can attractively give certain shapes like different animals, fruits and vegetables. My son makes different things from that colored dough with the help of wide collection of cutters. So we both get amused looking at the outcomes.

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  • For the establishment of motor skills of my son, I have provided him plastic nails and a plastic hammer. He is supposed to hammer those nails in a thermocol sheet.


  • As my son is always tempted towards colors, so I try to keep him busy with different variations. I equip him with different color paints in different bowls along with cotton balls. Then I display a chart paper written A-Z on it and I ask my kid to dip a cotton ball in red color and mark it on alphabet A. likewise, I demand him to dip a cotton ball in different colors and mark them on different alphabets. This will surely enchant him.

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This is just the glimpse of educational activities for kids. There is a wide diversity of entertaining ideas that can create enthusiasm in an individual to learn and seek more. Kids learn a lot more during playing with the involvement of colorful activities leaving education with no more boring image.




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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