15 Realities Why Gynaecologists opt for cesarean delivery rather vaginal delivery!

Kids are an unmatched blessing of God that he bestows to married couples after being physically intimated. It is an absolute wish of every wedded human being to be sanctified by these mini creatures as kids prove to be the best source of adding charm and color to one’s life.

However, exceptions are always there. Partners also opt for birth control programs as they prioritize to accomplish their other life goals instead of tangling themselves into this responsibility. Such cases are although rare in which both the spouse prefer to live a childless life forever as they think of children an obstacle in their so-called worth living luxurious lives. These facts are not intended to be discussed in this article so let’s move to the point.

Babies are born throughout the world from either of the two ways. It may be a vaginal delivery or a C-section. I am not intended to make a comparison among both these methods but I must say that a gynecologist must focus on the safest delivery of a healthy baby by a clinically stable mother. Sometimes C-sections are planned ones according to the medical condition of mother as in such cases vaginal birth is a risky option and in other cases doctors choose to operate on emergency basis. At other times a pregnant lady also prefers to have cesarean on the basis of some pathetic past experience of normal delivery or due to the fear of labor pains. 

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As a female conceives, she tries her best to select an experienced, educated and a proficient gynecologist.  The one who listens and deals her politely and masterly, gives her sufficient time and most importantly the one who never goes for cesarean until or unless there is a reasonable urge to do so. Nowadays, in Pakistan C-sections are getting highly trendy and have become more of a money making strategy for doctors. Every second woman is experiencing cesarean due to numerous valid or so called medical complexities. Vaginal birth is gradually becoming the story of past. Prevalence of impure diets and unhealthy living styles are the leading reasons behind increased rate of these surgical deliveries. But the picture has other worst image as well. . The factors behind opting for surgical deliveries are not as worse as they are depicted.

Here I will  like to share My Experience, when I  was called by my doctor for delivery, that was not even my due date. She created a scenario which made us over concerned and made us come before time even I had zero labor pains. From the day one, she was telling me about how perfect the position of baby was and that I will be giving a normal vaginal birth. But when it was the time, she called us 1 week before, gave me artificial pains just to pretend that she is trying harder for normal delivery. Those artificial pains worsen my condition that my water bag explode and she said there is a danger to kid’s life so the ultimate option is CESAREAN. She is one senior doctor who is the most qualified woman and owns the hospital property but this is dilemma of our society that forgetting status and respect one owns, anything can be done for the sake of profit making.

A good doctor always waits till due date for natural labor pains to come. Sometimes, situation is naturally risky that even a good doctor goes for C-section.

Lets have a look at the realities behind choosing or turning towards cesarean rather than waiting for the normal birth of child.


  1. When placenta partly or completely covers the cervix and lies low in the uterus then delivery needs to be done through C-section. This is called placenta pervia and usually happens in the third trimester. One in every 200 expecting ladies gets victim of this complexity. In case a marginal placenta pervia is diagnosed then health specialist can go for vaginal delivery.
  2. In third trimester, if placenta gets separated from uterine lining causing pain in uterus along with bleeding from separation side then an emergency C-section could be planned. The major reason behind going for cesarean is that oxygen received by baby gets interrupted due to placental abruption. Researches show that approximately 1%of pregnant women may suffer from placental abruption.
  3. Uterus may also get torn during pregnancy or labor in about 1 in every 1500 births. This can cause hemorrhaging in mother and hinders oxygen to baby thus leading critical situation towards surgical delivery.
  4. Breech position of baby is one of the major reasons for cesarean delivery. Cord prolapse is a common feature in breech babies that urge gynecologists to decide major operation.
  5. Before the birth of baby if umbilical cord slips through cervix and bulge out of vagina then an emergency cesarean needs to be carried out. It is called cord prolapse and is the result of uterus contraction. The blood supply to baby gets hindered because umbilical cord receives pressure thus leading towards immediate C-section.
  6. When a pregnant woman fails to make positive advancements in labor majorly in second phase then doctors choose to do cesarean in order to avoid further complexities. This happens when cervix does not dilate completely or labor gets slowed or stopped. Even when the baby does not attain required delivery position then again surgical delivery is a preferable option.
  7. Cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD) is the condition in which a baby’s head is too large and is not proportionate according to the pelvis of mother. On the other hand, if mother’s pelvis is too small that does not allow the baby to pass through then again (CPD) is diagnosed. Both the conditions vote for cesarean.
  8. If a pregnant lady possess an active outbreak of genital herpes than a c-section must be planned to protect the baby from being exposed to the virus as he passes through the birth canal.
  9. If a woman develops gestational diabetes during her pregnancy or is already diabetic then she may carry a large baby or may suffer from other complications that compel the gynecologist to suggest her cesarean.
  10. Preeclampsia is a condition in which mother suffers from high blood pressure during pregnancy. Due to this placenta does not receive required amount of blood thus reducing oxygen flow to the baby. Severe preeclampsia requires surgical delivery.
  11. If a baby experiences slow heart-rate during labor then it demonstrates risk to baby’s life. It is known as fetal distress. To ensure healthy and sound birth, cesarean is the safest option.
  12. If birth defects have been diagnosed in a baby then vaginal birth should not be prioritized over c-section.in a baby, birth defects alter the shape or functions of body parts and can badly affect the working and development of body. Birth defects include excess fluid in the brain, congenital heart diseases etc.
  13. If a pregnant woman is carrying twins who share one amniotic sac then health specialists choose to go for cesarean in order to avoid the tangling of cords.
  14. The most dominating reason behind opting for c-section is the endless greed of the doctors. The pregnant women in Pakistan are highly victimized to their selfishness. Especially in private hospitals, doctors are playing a butcher’s role in a very efficient manner. They consider cesareans a best way to fulfill their expenses no matter how they put both mother and baby at a higher risk. They depict a horrible picture to the relatives of patient who are totally unaware of medical complications and there remains no other option instead of just trusting blindly on these so called angels. No doubt, there are authentic reasons as well but those has become rare now.
  15. Some women get so scared of labor pains that they prioritize to have surgical delivery. Experienced mothers or other surrounding ladies depict so terrible picture of long and fearful labor that new mommies to be do not opt to wait for dilations. Instead they go for scheduled cesarean. Some cases are also seen in which after prolonged labor and painful inductions, an emergency C-section is carried out so in order to avoid such risky situations, second time mommies who previously had C section most probably, are decided to have planned operation. 

C-sections are accompanied with number of painful after effects including various physical complaints such as suffering of incision site and long lasting inflammation. Women going through surgical deliveries are more prone to infections and are not able to breast feed their precious ones very soon. According to a French study, pregnant patients are three times more likely to die during surgical delivery because of the blood clots, infections or due to the harmful reactions of anesthesia. Cesareans can be the reason of future pregnancy complications as well such as uterine ruptures and other placenta abnormalities. The recovery period is also longer one as the skin and nerves around surgical scar need lot of time to heal, approximately about 2 months.

On the other hand, babies born through cesarean also carry harmful effects of these operations. They are more likely to suffer from breathing problems at the time of birth and also during their childhood in the form of asthma. They bear a higher risk of stillbirth. Some studies have also indicated a deep connection between the babies born through C-section and their higher risk of becoming obese in childhood and even as adults.

Births through cesarean section are increasing throughout the world. These major operations do not make the patient to suffer from pelvic floor problems such as urinary incontinence. However, this complication is quite manageable and treatable. It is an ethical and educational responsibility of health specialists to inform the patient about the realistic aspects of her case so that the decision could be taken while focusing towards the safe delivery and health of the both beings.





I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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