15 Screen Free Alternatives I use for my Toddler !!

Well If I talk about my little one, he is going to be 3 years by age soon IA!  He is just too attracted towards Television or any other Visual stimuli be it Laptop, mobile phone or tablet. And more often I have seen him watching car racing so I try to gift him cars so he plays with them rather interacting with light emmitting diodes! So I always have to work on switching his attention like wherever we are going, we never leave him at home..we always take him along even he visits gyms and salon with his father and Grand Pa so that he gets attracted to the outer blessings we have rather just watching certain cartoons and ruining his eyesight!



Even When an advertisement comes, he starts dancing with the rhythm. He loves that Cerelac ad and the one of noodles. His dancing makes me happy too but then,

I wonder would it be fine for his eyes?

How to stop him from such strong light emitting diodes?

I applied few self developed strategies to make him distant from T.V ! I felt a difference So came up with an idea why not to put it in words to help my those friends who are encountering the same issue with their toddlers! I am sure most of you will be suffering from this situation as today’s generation is way too focussed on gadgets.

Let me share few! :)


We have bentley in red for him. He loves riding on it and we have quality fun time together while riding. It’s always a better idea to play outside in garage.



As my kid loves to swang with songs. So i developed my own poem which says:

Then I took few steps that he follows and his attention diverts from television. And he starts chuckling with me.


He loves cars. I provide him with different cars varying from sizes and colors so he is always playing with them! Another trick that I apply which is attention grabbing for him at the same time is, we start playing CATCH THE BALL game. I make him confuse by passing him 2 balls together and he literally laughs while playing this. He picks both of them in hands and runs as expected I run after him, and he just loves making me falling down and reacting as looser. Try to invent your child’s likes and dislikes, and work on the things he or she likes.


Another thing my son is so inclined towards is, kitchen work. He always wants to stay in kitchen. He loves taking out all of the utensils from drawers and play cricket with them Lol !

He is a big cricket lover infact so he has to prove it by assuming ladle or skimmer as bat and sponge as ball. I don’t always stop him as I am sure then again he is going to stand infront of screen. I don’t really mind washing those utensils again and again that he throws on floor. Atleast better than television.


Like we as parents need to understand what our children would love so As far as I’ve observed, my baby loves to swim! We often take him to pool even have our membership just to serve the purpose..atleast for sometime he stays away from cell phones and gadgets.



I switch his attention with throwing rose water spray on his face. He smiles a lot on this. I have one spray which takes very little of water out of bottle and I play with him using that. He jumps and giggles and runs in opposite direction to escape from me. This is your duty as a mother to discover what your child enjoys.



My son has this use of electronics and gadgets in his instincts or you can say he has naturally developed this in his genes as my husband has a lot of laptop usage, business need!! I also use it to some extent, so for me, stopping him is quite a hard job because one year more, he will start saying this to me to stop first and then give him instructions. LOL !
But I have a plan, I will change time of my work. Will definitely not be using infront of him but later on, he will reach a stage when he will understand that the power to sustain such strong rays varies with stage. From infants to Adults! So I formulated a strategy called “CHOCO CHIKI FUN” which we play it like one bite of chocolate comes from him to me then i put one in his mouth and I involve him with Chocolates, making a box full of them, then letting him take out one like a lucky draw. We eat one in whole day which he takes out as eating it most of the time can cause tooth decay.



We make faces together. He has this ability to exactly copy and we keep on laughing. So what it needs is, engagement. Apart from this, I draw his attention by always involving him with what I am doing. As I like decorating room wall for change more often. So I was doing this while he was passing me UHU and THREAD! This also helps in confidence building of your child.


My son is a very pleasant and enchanting kid. He engages others with his winsome powers to enjoy with him. And I am sure every kid is likable in his own way. Enjoy his presence to the fullest. He will love being with you rather on any other activity.


Read Holy book infront of him. Make him kiss it. This should be on priority list, he must have attachment with spiritual aspects of life. Make a schedule in which he is definitely looking into the holy book.


Play hide and seek. Hide yourself and give him a glimpse of yours and suddenly disappear. Go to other side by crawling and hug him tight by his back!


Make puppet out of old socks, wear it in your hand and make him enjoy by moving your fingers. He will feel like a cartoon character has landed at his home place and is talking to him. I assure you he will love this idea. If you have no time for such activities, simply buy some. They come in really reasonable prices.

Moolecole 20pcs Velvet Animal Style Hand & Finger Puppets Set with 1pc Bamboo Baby Washcloth




I have an ELMO Character who asks for certain things to do like “PRESS MY NOSE” “PRESS MY HEAD” “TUMMY” this is how your baby’s skills of getting to know his own body parts enhance. Buy such toys which teach lessons.


If your kid is so badly addicted to laptop or tabs. Go buy him some dummy stuff. My baby has this ben10 one which teaches ABC and has games in this. But he has lost his interest. He is so clever that he can clearly differentiate between original and dummy.

Do you have such sharp kid?

Then just don’t spend a single penny because the dummy stuff that I bought is a big waste. Try to just switch his focus from laptop by bringing a black board because this strategy worked for him. He likes drawing random lines on it because he is just too small to write ABC.




Teach him how to brush teeth. My little one really likes holding brush in his hand and try his best to clean his teeth. We spend good time in teeth brushing activity.

Oral-B Pro-Health Stages My Friends Manual Kid’s Toothbrush,(Pack of 6), Packaging May Vary – Cars or Minnie Mouse, etc.


Play mirror game. Ask him who is infront of him in mirror? He will touch it and while observing that the finger is coming from the other end, he will laugh out loud. My son enjoys it.


Kids observe you. They might not remember what you teach them but they are more sharper than adults in observing things. So try to react positive with your kids. What matters is your ATTITUDE towards them !! Be a fun mom, enjoy your kid and let him enjoy your appearance ! :)






I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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