5 Best Inspirational Stories for uplifting!

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I was reading some great uplifting stories. Every single word was inspiring my soul, giving a new hope and was boosting my inner self to thank God for his blessings.

What not to thank him for?

If we ponder, What maximum could be done in case of No Eyes? No Hands? Any body part missing??

What’s the ultimate solution for this?

Spending huge amount of money on operation, getting hell expensive artificial modified body parts?

Make sure, still you won’t get it to the perfection!!

Such wonderful and magnificient things in life we have come across. Can we thank God even if we keep on putting our head on the floor for days??

Not sufficient though!!


Pray not only because you need something but for all those God has blessed you with.

What’s wrong wih our behavior and mindsets?

We always look at people who are more blessed in regard to wealth and money. We keep on getting envious of them, desirous of opportunities they have.

Why By The Way?

“Always look at the people who have less resources in life, you will end up thanking God. Contrary to this, look above yourself to people who have more wiser approach and are more successful. You will end up learning something from them”.




There was a boy who was behaving childish while traveling in train. A couple was noticing his immature behavior. The boy was getting excited on watching trees and clouds. And with every passing minute, he was disturbing others by asking his dad What is this? What is that? See the clouds how high they are!

Couple who was observing him, said to his dad;

Why don’t you show him to the doctor. Such grown up and how he is behaving like a child.

His dad replied,

“We just came from the hospital and he just got his eyes”.


Thank God for his blessings and favors on you.


There was a little boy, standing outside a restaurant in want of ice cream. He went inside and asked the waitress about the price of sundae ice cream. Waitress told him;
“50 cents”.

He counted the coins he had in pocket. Then he asked about the plain ice cream scoop. It was 35 cents. Waitress became impatient at the moment. And walked away. The boy gave her a gesture to bring one plain scoop.
After eating, he put money on the table and beside the plate was 15 cents extra as a tip. After the boy walked out, waitress was shocked to see the tip. As HE preferred to regard waitress over his desire to get a sundae ice cream.


Keep calm and never judge people so fast.

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Shania twain is a Canadian Singer. Singing was not her passion but a necessity, a way of survival.


Her parents divorced when she was just 2 by age. Her step father and mother couldn’t make enough so she had to struggle a lot from the age of 8 by singing in bars. Another mishap added to the misfortune that her step father and mother got dead in an accident so she had to take care of her younger siblings. Tough time but she stayed motivated and passed the time with patience. She is successful in her career.




He is a renowned american Actor, producer, director, screenwriter, playwright, author and songwriter.


He had a physically abused childhood, got rusticated from high school twice. When he was 23, he thought to look for career opportunities. Performed odd jobs and in 1992, he wrote and produced ‘I KNOW I HAVE BEEN CHANGED’ and spent all his savings on production but it was a big fail. He did not loose heart and now he has got a big name in theatre.




He is an american novelist, columnist, television producer, film director and a musician.


He had such a hard time that he had to borrow clothes for his wedding. Such poor circumstances and still survived through it.

What made him and his wife to stay together and not to loose hope?

It’s self motivation and moral support. Stay patient, God never puts his lovely creatures in a situation more than one can bear.
King received 60 rejections before selling his first short story for $35 named “The Glass Floor“. Even now his best selling book Carrie did not get much fame at start. But he continued and achieved success.

Wow !!! Great people, Great passion!! Their lives can teach us marvelous ways to stay inspired and strong in surviving challenging, tough and hard times.

Famous Failures


I have few suggestions for my readers to keep themselves motivated in certain aspects of life.
1. Buy Wall hangings showing some awesome collection of Quotes. Looking at them every time, will definitely help you sustain difficult times in life.

2. Put Posters on wall. Stick inspirational personalities on one side of your wall with captions telling their success stories.

It’s true actually, when you often face strong inspiring things around, motivation comes to you eventually.

3. Read some great inspirational stuff from books. Keep them in your drawer at your arms length when going to bed.

Hope you find this article helpful in sorting out some big life problems with the simple power of motivation. To read more about moral stories, short and inspirational stories, CLICK HERE.




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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