5 things an insecure person would do to you! And how to deal them in just 4 simple steps!

How many of you agree that People nowadays are facing insecurities reason being “THE OTHER HUMAN” ? Be it “YOU”. Any person coming in your mind who you think becomes insecure because of your presence?? Any?

Do they show abusive behavior towards you by their actions, words and feelings? Do they try to put you down using negative criticism and insults?

If yes, then suppose those few individuals in your mind who you feel meet the points above. The article would become more interesting for you.

Why your presence makes them feel insecure?

Your abilities or your courage? Your excellence or your appraisals? Your qualification or your achievements? Your looks or the blessings you have? Your success or your well being? Your confidence or your eligibility?

I am sure everyone will be facing the grudges people have on you. First try to find out their problem. Help them come out from their complexes. Be nice to them. Understand them. Ask yourself is their any improvement needed in your behavior?

Have you wronged them in any way ?

If NO, then why do they hold grudges for you?


What would they do to you?

5 Signs and you can Judge them.

1. Will always criticise you. Will pass negative comments. And will make you feel insecure too.

2. Will try to make laughter on you. Or will look down at you. But this is how they show their insecurities to the world.

3. Will showcase their hardwork that they have done. Because insecurities are loud and confidence is silent.

4. Will brag about their lifestyles and accomplishments in front of you. But in real they are convincing themselves that they worth it. So they are insecure.

5. Will talk at your back. And while facing you, will give you weird looks of jealousy.

The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It

Just dont let them behave to you like a shit!

What should be your behavior? How to deal them?

Young woman portrait over grey background

1. Stay focussed in your life. Never let the other’s bitterness harm you. Someone has very well quoted this:
“No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is”. So if people are degrading you in any way because of their complexes and insecurities, let me assure you here “they are being exposed to the world for their own incapabilities”.

2. Own your success. Show them that you are happy and satisfied. Your contentment will ruin their evil doings.

3. Try to find out more positive aspects to be calm and happy in your life. Show them that you dont give a damn. Dont worry about what people are saying behind your back, its just that they are finding faults in you rather fixing their own and this is what insecure people do.

4. Stop responding. Silence is the best way out in such situations.

Hope this write-up has helped you deal insecure people in life.




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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