5 Tips to Build Self Esteem In your Kids

Self-esteem plays a vital role in enhancing or damaging one’s personality. It’s basically what worth a person holds of himself in his/her own eyes. It varies with the opinion one has for himself. If you are happy with yourself, you feel pride and confident about yourself. In this case, you would have high self-esteem. On the other side, if you have doubts about yourself, it would result in low self-esteem and can make you feel insecure and unmotivated.
When it comes to raising children, parents need to have high self esteem to raise them in the same manner.
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Parents need to think about the fact that their
kids will be adults one day so they should do things in a smart way. They should opt for the career option they think would be appropriate for them. Rather always narrating them what to do and what to be, just let them choose a profession that they would love to do so that they don’t have to work a day in their life because what you love, can
never make you feel tired of while working,
Infact you would find pleasure doing it…
As a parent, In order to make them feel positive and confident about their acts, it’s your duty to
encourage them, appreciate their work, make
them feel worthy of their presence. Actually, high self esteem leads to so many amazing results that
you can see in your kids.
  1. Self belief.
  2. Stand up for themselves.
  3. Know they are good enough.
  4. Take risks and Enjoy Success.
  5. Create Good boundaries.
  6. Love life.
  7. Let themselves off the hook.
  8. Try innovations.
  9. Project a positive self image.
As we all know self-esteem directly deals with child’s pride, dignity, and morale. Psychiatrists say that low self-esteem makes children stressed, depressed and defeated feeling and one who is already tensed, chooses bad choices and eventually falls in devastating relationships. So parents should never ignore the importance of self-esteem when dealing with kids.
Tips to build Self-Esteem:
1. Let them Choose a Job That They Love:
Try to give your children choices to choose for them. You have to allow them to select the better option that best suits their abilities. This would help them develop new skills and explore best out of them. To enhance an amazing decision power in your kids, let them be
what they really want to be in their life. Let them judge the positive and negative impacts of life by experiencing their talent. Eventually they would feel dignity and pride in them which further leads in enhancing self-respect in them.
2. Make them learn that Mistakes are part of life:
As you know nothing is perfect, so tell your children that if difficulties come on way and blunders happen then they don’t need to be upset. Mistakes are normal and are part of life. They need to be consistent and determined to achieve some goals. Losing hope is
not an option. Give them confidence and appreciate their doings. It will build self-regard in them.
3. Do Activities that could enhance self-esteem:
  • Now the duty of the parents is to search about the activities which can polish their child’s self-regard or self-trust. You have to do something amazing for your child which would magnify their pride, worth, dignity, honor. You have to discover the best prestige building activities that would modify their whole life. Activities that would boost up their confidence, that could uplift them.
    For Instance:
  • Give bonuses to them. If your child gained something by his personal effort, you should reward a precious and valueable thing.
  • Dont be panic with the bad results. As we all see unpleasant moments in our life, parents should be very prudent when their kid does not give excellent results. In this situation, you don’t have to discourage or disappoint him. Try to find the reason behind his failure, might be it is due to low self-esteem. At that point, your child needs your moral support and if you would deal with him wisely it will motivate your child for the future.

Walk on bicycles

4. Never compare your child with others:
  • The comparison is a very common attitude shown by parents. It will affect your child’s mental health severely. Parents compare their children’s grades with others. They collate their academic procurement with excellent students. This behavior normally hurts children and make them pessimist. The comparison will demolish or smash your child’s capabilities. It will also shatter his performance.
  • Differentiation can lead your child to unfavorable conditions like pressure, strain, lower self-respect.
  • Comparisons bash their confidence and they feel completely complexed while interacting with public.
  • Comparisons eventually crush your kid’s talent. Like if your child has a talent of playing hockey or painting or digital marketing or acting or interior designing or any other field. Your unappreciated attitude will make him lose his ability and he would not be able to score according to his built-in talent.
5. Devote yourself to your child:
  • An essential point for the best self-esteem in your child is to dedicate your time, effort, sacrifices and consign to your child. Parents should spend more time with their children for their well being. Children who are under parent observation are conscious that someone is noticing us. Better surveillance gives a better turn out.
  • Your time is very precious and valuable for your child. Materialistic things can’t adjust it.
  • Some parents have a misconception that they can involve their children in different activities like by giving them mobiles, I-pads, video games, but all of them give rise to low self-esteem. Parents have to give their quality time to children. Children receiving more time from their parents show positive perceptive and have good orientation in life. One who has high self-esteem cope with life hurdles smartly and confidently.
  • They should try their best to at at least one meal with them, for those parents who have some busy schedules all the time.
  • Reading together is also a very incomparable scheme for magnifying your child’s ability to self-esteem.
  • Parents can also use a wonderful way of passing time with their children by watching a purposeful movie. At this spot, you have to judge your childs interest. If you choose his interest in the movie, he will be more curious and excited about it.
  • Playing games is also a healthy and entertaining activity for your child. By this manner your child feel eagerness and shows full emotions with you and it will uplift your kid’s self-regard but you have to select more and more adventurous games for them according to their age. You can also show self-motivational movies to them.


  • Conclusion:
Self-esteem is a source of courage and boldness in the child. Even if your child lacks in something, never make him feel underestimated. I see parents even
take physical appearance like height, physique etc kind of useless things so seriously that their attitude make their kids think less of themselves. Height, weight are just numbers, don’t stress out or make
them stressed. Make them feel good about themselves that could honor their self esteem, build
confidence in their personality and    1so they can live with pride.




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