7 tips to deal with Insomnia !

Insomnia is a big torture and it happens because all night long we keep on calculating hours how much sleep we will get if we are able to fall asleep right now. And this is how the whole night passes away, sharpening our mathematics. Lol

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On a serious note, let’s talk about damages it can provide us with!!

It is beyond our imagination that how much killing it can be for our health.


Insomnia ultimately results in slow response rate, less attention, bad performance, unproductivity, fatigue, continuous tiredness, risk of anxiety disorder, risk of depression, risk of high blood pressure, risk of attaining other complictions in our body’s immune system.


Why does this happen that all the random thoughts come to our mind when the whole universe is fast asleep and you are up alone??

Have you ever thought of it once that what is not making you sleep? Is it your habit of overthinking that whether you will be able to wake up in time the next morning Or the alarm will ring in time or not? Or is it you have to wake up early due to some reason and can’t sleep because of the fear that you go on snoozing the alarm and finally dismiss it so better not to sleep??? Or is it your excessive internet usage ?


It’s your turn to share if you are suffering from insomnia? Comment and let others know because sometimes these platforms become the source of satisfactory solution for your problems.


1. First thing to add to your routine is, “SCHEDULING“! Try to go to bed at same time daily and wake up at the same time including off days! This is how your biological clock will understand the timing.

2. Avoid naps between day hours. When you have a working tiring day, you go to sleep in time eventually but there is a percentage of people who still can not sleep after such hectic long day and are Addicted to pills for no reason ! Better is to talk to God, share whatever is disturbing you inside. It’s God who won’t tell anyone and is open to help. You will find peace of mind ! And there is a big chance that you will ultimately fall asleep because prayer makes God take over all your miseries and sorrows!

3. There are people who after taking the sleep of eight hours, do not feel refreshed and active the next day. This is one of the symptoms of insomnia and one has to take the issue seriously. And the tip is to take sleep from 10 PM to 6 AM.
Oh WOW, What quality hours!!! You will be amazed with the results! After that you go to walk and give your eyes a superb scenery of greenery, what a relief !! Bravado! You will feel like an absolutely energetic person!
Contrary to this, if you sleep at 3 AM till 11 AM, you will feel drowsy the whole day. It is an 8 hour sleep but “TIMING” is the real game !

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4. Sometimes Medication does not let you sleep As some pain relievers contain caffeine in them. Anti depressants and high blood pressure medications also include such elements that can interfere in sleep. I have been watching my elders who take heavy medications prescribed by doctor and they have been telling me that they are unable to sleep the whole night.

5. Try to avoid late night meals. Heavy and spicy meal at this time can be acidic to the stomach and can cause heartburn Because of less time of digestion. It can be a big hurdle for a good sleep as a person with this addiction can not sleep until he eats something !

Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success

6. Avoid Stressful Environment before going to bed. Because it especially happens to me that I can not sleep if i had a fight with my husband. The environment should be quiet and peaceful for a deep sleep.
7. Turn off visual stimuli and light emmitting diodes like mobile phones, tablets, television and laptops an hour before going to bed. Its a great tip to deal insomnia. Because these diodes activate your brain neurons.



Other than this, there are proper treatments and programs going on to deal insomnia. If these small tips are not working, you better consult some expert or go for the regular courses. Because your health is not just concerned with you but is linked with your family members, your children and your Parents too!

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