8 Amazing Tips I used to help my Child break his bad habits!


When everybody at home tends to stop the child from his doings all at once, I personally believe is a wrong practice. When every single person is upto the same thing, you are not helping your child break those bad habits but make him stubborn and curious. And this may actually encourage the behavior. You need to focus on ignoring his unwanted behavior. Don’t worry, some habits outgrow with time and age.

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Although it’s a hard job to eradicate kid’s bad habits. You need to be Consistent and Patient. But strict at the same time. Strict in a sense that he makes up his mind that once you have said NO, then that means No further arguments are required! Also this feeling that what you have said, is final! Develop this kind of understanding with your kid that your gestures make decisions to him.


  • Finger and thumb sucking .
  • Holding a pacifier in mouth.
  • Teeth grinding.
  • Nail biting.
  • Head rolling.
  • Hair pulling.
  • Nose picking.
  • Breath holding.
  • Inactive listening.
  • Less attentive to orders.
  • Indisciplined.
  • Bad time management.

TIP 1.


All of the above mentioned habits help the child in self-calming. We as parents can make him relaxed by switching his focus. Like if he is Chewing his nails, you can hold his hand and start kissing his fingers like crazy and make him laugh. Again if he puts his finger in mouth for Sucking purpose, you can take his finger in your hand and let him tickle you on your tummy and behave like you are playing with him. I usually do this so have suggested you do the same. This tact has helped me greatly.
Be a Fun mom. Find out ways that can soothe your kid.


TIP 2.


Children do this when they are Stressed. Figure out what’s wrong with your kid. If his nose is irritated, clean it with cotton bud with some petroleum jelly on it or put some nasal drops.

Give him options for decision making. If he doesn’t want to eat one specific thing, change the menu. Add some powdered Chocolate (MILO, HERSHEY’S OR KIT KAT crushed) in the milk for the flavour enhancement. Apart from this, give your child options to play. If he is not interested in toys, Observe what he wants to play with. As I saw my son always taking kitchen utensils in hands and hitting stainer with wooden spoon and spatula working as bat. I thought he might would like to play cricket. I bought him bat and variety of balls and he loves to play with them most of the time rather putting hands in mouth.

Prefer involving your kid in whatever work you are performing. Even when I am cleaning home, he cleans it along with me. He tries but he actually increases the work load in his attempt to help me ALAS! But that’s OKAY 😉



TIP 3.


Be Calm. Don’t yell or scream. Change your behavior if his annoying behavior bothers you a lot. Children know how to switch ON your hot buttons. We as parents need to be firm and kind. Because saying hurtful words may have bad impact on his self-esteem and we may regret after saying them then what’s the point of loosing temprament. Your child will become more resentful and harsh in return. Ignore his bad habits for sometime. If he has just so many, then focus on one. Don’t try to emilinate all at one time.

Don’t worry. When your child will get into the age of maturity, he would want to be Socially acceptable and Peer pressure will let him finish all those bad habits.

TIP 4.


Apprecaite your kid when you see him not engaged in performing any bad habit. Reward him with prize and things he adore.


TIP 5.


Develop a code word. When you see him repeatedly doing nail baiting, rather saying “BITING”, give him signal by “Coughing ” rather stopping him publicly. Let him understand your moods. My kid is pro at teasing me especially in public so I know very well which of my gesture would work best there. So its between a kid and a mom, how strongly you get him involved in understanding unsaid words, moods and gestures!

TIP 6.


If the bad habit is going to the extreme like nose bleeds when he insert his finger so wildly, OR Pull hair off from scalp or eyebrows then you need to seek serious medical care for your child. Watch out for some good Pediatrician.

TIP 7.


Use of technological advancements may initiate excitement for the work in your kid. He may find it more interesting and fascinating than any strict orders to complete the given task. You will find him more obeying and active in listening be it Homework to be finished or eating meal or even washing hands. Press the BUZZER and tell him the time is over.

TIP 8.


Make your child choose the right path by explaining him logic behind consequences.

  • What would happen if he wouldn’t stop.
  • What sort of image he be portraying.
  • What kind of talks about your training as a mom will be on everbody’s mouth. (Emotional blackmailing) lol

If he is not sensible enough to understand logics, redirect him to some positive activity. You can learn few from the link below.

See all PARENTIN GUIDE here.




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