8 Exclusive Ways to deal your Partner’s Bad Moods !

This would be happening to most of us that we wake up grumpy in the morning. Very rarely it happens that we wake up totally fresh. What can be the reasons behind this?

Late night sleep? Work load? Depression? More Visual stimuli usage ? Less work out ? More serious stuff to be seen on television? Or what else in your opinion??

How are these factors influencing our personal lives? Anybody victimized of physical and mental abuse by the partner REASON being factors mentioned above?

When mind and body do not get enough time to relax, it could harm the person very close to us. Husband wife relation is so close that my article would basically go with this !


When it’s the very new beginning to the relationship or the first year of marriage, It takes some time to understand your partner’s moods. What things he hate to compromise on? What behavior can worsen his mood ? What sentence or word could make him get furious? How he would take your certain act?
And at this time of relationship, Expectations are hell high! So we need to be very particular on our words and act.

First we need to understand his nature. Some people are humble and kind enough to mould the severe situations into happy ones. They don’t make issue out of every tiny thing. Some are highly violent and abusive. Firstly abuse should not be encouraged, the moment you see your partner is being abusive, ask him to keep check of his words and actions. Warn him and ask him to calm down and try to be polite enough to solve his problem.

“Remind your partner that you’re available to talk and miss them.”
Few tacts to take your partners out of depression will be the main synopsis! Hope it could help you manage your partners bad moods! Enjoy :)

1. React opposite!

Let suppose your partner is feeling annoyed or irritable and As a result they shout. You do not need to react the same way because it’s a human psychology that when either partner is sad, it eventually saddens the other. You have to behave Opposite. Talk about some refreshing memories and good times that he would love to think about.


2. Listen without interruption:

Even if one is wrong, you dont need to correct them at the very moment be it men or women. Be agreeable. Listen to their stance. Give a YES gesture. Smile and be supportive. Make them cool down. After they cool down, tell them whats your opinion in the specific regard because directly saying that they are wrong will make the situation bad. So it would be even wiser approach to tell them that you suggest it this way. And rest is upto them.

Lets see what Experts have to say on dealing with your partner’s bad moods.

3. Let them pressure out:

If your partner is having severe mood swings, let them pressure out. A moment later they would feel guilty and will definitely apologize. Because its a human nature that he covers his mistake after he feels that he was behaving totally insane.


4. Repeat how much you love them:

Love needs expression.  Try to be selfless in love.  Make them realize how much importance they hold in your life. And their being upset makes you feel the same way.

5. Speak without accusing:

Don’t argue if your partner blames you for their anger. Don’t Accuse back abruptly. Accept your mistake. It would melt them down. Even if men is wrong, there should be no shame in showing his guilt. But as we are living in male chauvinist society, few would never admit their mistake because their mind is setup in a way that they would feel insult in asking for an apology. But This is something that has been minimized to some extent but not properly elimimated. Few are literate now. They do give a sorry expression without any shame. Hope situation gets even better with time.

6. Switch ON some comedy stuff :

To make the ambiance happy, ask your partner if they would not mind your watching a comedy movie. If they are OK with it, turn on. And insert a good humorous comedy DVD which you are sure about, would make them laugh eventually. As my husband loves humor so this trick works really well for me to switch ON some funny clips or a comedy stuff.

7. Maintain distance:

Again Depending upon the nature of your partner, if they want some space and donot want to see anybody around, maintain some distance. It does happen to some people that they want to remain alone and become more irritable on interaction.

8. Record their sayings:

If your partner is getting just Abnormal, keep a record of his statements. Dont say anything at this very time. But when they cool down, make them realize how disrespectful the situation was. And ask them to consult a psychologist because it’s not illness but sometimes it happens that their upbringing is done this way. That they are outburst and moody. Its not that only a mad person visits psychologist, a normal person often visits to stay healthy and wise. Assure them of your support and love them even more rather making them feel guilty!

God is there to appoint us best partners. This is beyond the human imagination the way God designs ways for us. I myself have observed the fact that if wife is moody, husband is humble. On the other side, if husband is violent, wife is great enough to deal bad situations. And results come out to be perfectly awesome. And even if both are moody then either partner has to compromise for the relationship to go on.





I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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