8 Top Signs your marriage is going to fail!

Romance isn’t enough Guyz!

Where are you making a mistake? Want to see?

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Top signs your marriage is not going to work and it’s time for you to leave a relationship comes when you see every day quarrels for NO reason.

  • Never ending arguments (defensiveness).
  • Insecurities.
  • Contempt.
  • Withdrawal (lack of commitment and concerns).
  • Criticism.
  • Insufficient cooperation and half hearted talks.
  • Less emotional attachment.
  • Less communication.





To read in detail; See here.

Ladies, this article is going to give you answers of your un-asked questions that every girl is having in her mind.

A time comes in a relationship, when a girl is not even expecting to be humiliated for a mere reason I mean issue of the most unimportant and minor thing. But men show their dominating powers in anger and frustration. Men, thinking of their superiority make their women leave their stance and apologize.
Few women mould themselves and few can’t just bear this uncivilized behavior and say good-bye to the relation.

Who is at fault?

Sometimes it does happen that people from surroundings make your spouse insecure of your capabilities and go on inserting bad views about wife that she is going to take over you, reason being her good communication skills, style, educational background and a lot more. Some men who have liberal and wiser approach, make them quiet by giving a smart and appropriate answer and few with typical approach, make their wives stay in boundaries and put certain limitations on them. In case if wife says a word in argument, whether she is given a tight slap or is disgracefully mortified.

Compromises have to be done by both. Mostly its women that I see, sacrificing and that’s a universal truth that women have a light corner in their heart and they let go things because of their forgiving quality but time has changed a lot. There are cases when women is bossy enough to take any decisions and keeps on fighting if husband forgets to ask for her opinion but if it goes like this, men either lose their interest or end up with divorce.




Please for God sake, don’t spoil your personality by being beaten or physically abused.

Who has given him right to hit you?

Are you a useless thing? That anyone can trash away?
Not negotiable !!


A life where there is no mental relaxation and peace of mind, don’t call it a life at very first. Secondly, if it is happening like this from years and you are sacrificing for not to disturb anyone at home and have ceased yourself, your beauty, your facial glow, your happiness, your lively nature then what else your partner is expecting you to surrender for?

What’s bigger than this for any person to sacrifice for?

If he is still not happy, do you really think he will be happy Ever?


A partner who is misusing you, taking advantage of you, abused you, oppressed you, exploited you!

Can you imagine a life here?

All up to you. You are smart and intelligent.


Atleast a feeling of security and protection should come after getting in a pious and pure relation like marriage and if it is not there, i am really sorry to say it does not worth to be called a marriage. Because marriage is beautiful but full of responsibilities. If you are completely executing them, and still not getting anything in return. Please don’t wait for yourself to get into the age of 50, thinking, yes one day this man will be mine. If he is still not yours after so much hardwork, he will be never yours. Or you can expect him going out with some other lady out on date!!


If you feel like exposed and degraded in front of everyone by your partner. Please don’t keep on crying for the one who loves to see you on his feet.

He/ She might be exposing the problems to others because of their incapability to solve those problems by their own and need other’s involvement for assistance. This means your spou se has a bad decision making power and is insecure and weak from within.


If you find your spouse grumpy and is always showing a conflicting behavior, bitterness and resentment. See, if you can do something to improve yourself. A person knows very well if he is doing something wrong. Double check your behavior if it needs to be corrected. Still you feel like you are on the right path, and your husband is always being rude and hostile towards you.

Put an end to everyday quarrel.

You have tried your best to make him/her feel special, with words with actions and still not getting the results then it’s obvious that there is no more to stay together for.



Love is selfless and if his/her personality is just opposite to what marriage demands. If he/she expects everything in return everytime and nothing has been done to regard you for your doings. And repeatedly he/she is being self centered, self obsessed, egotistical and self seeking, no need to be his/her slave.

What’s the point of living together?

Love is the base, if the base is so weak! How come marriage will survive?


Betrayed spouse?

Look into yourself. Are you lacking in taking care of him/her?


Even though he is caught red handed making a date, involved in an illegal relation or an affair, give a warning. A typical man would warn you back that he can marry as many women he wants. Give him a Shut up call. Don’t compromise on this warning. To see whether he is cheating on you or is loyal, CLICK HERE.

For cheating wives, Islam has strict rules and is a major sin which can’t be forgiven. At very first, Leave such woman as she could make her husband doubt his children.


Don’t let anyone question your self- respect be it your spouse. Wife needs affirmation and deep love, with that respect is an important element to be part with. Also it’s a wife duty not to disregard husband especially infront of children.


Another reason marriages fail is that you make wrong choices may be some initial compliments have convinced you think that you have made the right choice but after staying together for a certain time span, you get to know the realities.

So, how one can make a right choice, below is the link. Read, understand from other’s experience and then say YES to the proposal after thinking wisely.

To read about handeling husband’s bad moods, CLICK HERE.

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