9 Secrets of an Ultimate Family Man!

What in your opinion is a True Family man?

A man who neglects his family due to business as HE is trying harder to make money, the one whose top notch priority is bringing money in house and not catching up with any emergency that happens in house?


The one whose perspectives to life abruptly changes after having family and is satisfied even after having sleepless nights due to child’s sleeping disorder? The one whose children run into his arms even when his hands are empty?


Both practice rights on each other. In this article, I will be Specifically talking about Qualities and Traits of real man, not mentioning those of women, will be sticking to the point.

A true family man who is a man in a real sense, is welcoming towards the ideas of his wife, respects her opinions and is not insecure of her capabilities.

According to Islam;

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In my opinion, A man is a perfect family man when HE is available to his kids at any moment and provides his children with the foundation to succeed. It is a universally acknowledged truth that Father sets an example for kids, formulate rules and strategies in building house and raise children in a way that they have balanced approach towards life. They grow up with mental stability towards emotional and worldly aspects of human life.


Check out 9 Secrets of an Ultimate Family man :


1. Eagle-Eyed.

He is watchful, observant, attentive, alert, cautious and wakeful in all matters concerning his house. He is not of a typical mentality that men are made to bring money and it’s a mother’s duty to look into other matters relating home and children. He equally helps his wife in children upbringing also in household chores.

2. All Embracing.

He is not superficial or partial, he thoroughly investigates the matters relating children and his presence is a source of joy for kids. And his family feels safe under his umbrella.


3. Self motivated.

A man who is self confident and has the ability to pass hard times without loosing hope. He is always determined and ready to deal worst situations rather he has the ability to simplify the situation.

4. Faithful.

He is Loyal, devoted, trustworthy, dutiful and dedicated to his wife. He values integrity and honesty, is faithful to his wife.


I see so many girls complaining that even though they are well dressed, work on their appearances, have good looks, even have children still their husbands are not faithful to them. These shameless on asking why are they in contact with other girls mostly reply, that we have permission of 4 marriages! I mean seriously, you can’t use Islam like this, there are some conditions on this permit, not every time you wake up and threaten your wife !!! I salute the patience of these girls who sustain such hard times.

5. Intuitive.

He has an ability to understand the situation without getting through the reasoning process as such situations occur in life that evidences are just opposite to the reality and a real man is the one who is sensible enough to think logically. A must required characteristic of a real family man that he can predict what would have been happened in real!

6. Independent worker.

He works autonomously, without support and never need any aid in upbringing of his children. He is a man of integrity.

7. Loves unconditionally.

His love for wife and children is Selfless. For a man to love his children, he must respect their mother. His Love should not demand anything in return.
When a husband gives honor to wife, Is she crazy that she would not respect back? It’s very very obvious that she definitely will! But at times a step has to be taken by wife first then eventually men mould themselves too.

A perfect man encourages children and appreciate their accomplishments and intelligence. And for his woman, he always has a respecting attitude.

8. Compassionate.

He possesses a trait of being sympathetic, concerned, helpful and sensitive to the family needs.

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9. Generous.

To be generous, is a big quality of a man. But for women, she should be more into saving money strategies. A perfect family man will always be open in providing his family with best financial support and works smartly in a way that he saves good money also through various insurances. Buys Health, Education, Career and Marriage Plans for a secure future of children. He is a good Provider indeed!!

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