Are you another useless person?

Few days back I was setting up my drawers. There I saw a bundle of certificates which I achieved in extracurricular throughout my academic period. I assembled them and gave them a bit organized shape. I then reminded myself of my articles which were published in “Pakistan today”, the newspaper. I found their published version in my documents.


I shared my achievements with my Husband and he was too happy to see them all. He is a very motivational and humble person and a good speaker as well. He pushed me up with his awesome words to start up again. I myself wanted to give it a try one more time so I decided to do it.

When I sat to write, there was an ocean of thoughts running in my mind, what to start with, which genre to choose, what people would like to read.  I questioned myself, what is there to be highlighted that could give my inner self a feeling of happiness and satisfaction too. So to do justice with my readers I thought to put light on;

Abrupt behavioral change between couples after getting married” “Marriage failures” “Relationship advice” and as I am a mom as well so another thing clicked my mind was to write on my experience with my child, “Parenting Guide” and ways to let my readers stay motivated to achieve their designed goals. 

Expectation increases value decreases after getting married!

Why is that so by the way?

Well, my relationship does not fall in this category by the grace of Almighty but still I feel to speak to the women out there whose relationships fall in this category of couples.

Is it that you own other person after getting into a relationship and now you stop respecting him or is it after signing Nikkah papers, the man thinks that now he is going to rule the woman? Is marriage all about ruling each other and getting on each other’s nerves? Or is it a relation of love, respect, trust and importance?

If you love someone from deep inside, you just want him to stay the same. And now after getting into a relationship, he just cannot bear you this way that means he has never loved you. It was just a beauty or a mere attraction! What does a relationship says?

Is it not to be like what you used to be, what you actually are, or to mould yourself to such an extent that you finish your identity?

Compromises do happen but degrading your personality and finishing yourself is not a solution. Solution is to respect each other’s likings and disliking. Respect factor should be there. If it’s not there, I am very sorry to say then it’s not a relationship but a contract which is to be completed because you belong to a respectable family where divorces don’t happen. My purpose is not to make women stand up against husbands but to let them maintain some respect which I see is very lacking in our society.

It’s time to wake up women! If u have spark you can continue doing anything what you were doing before getting married. Also, since nowadays there are opportunities to work from home so why not?

Sit and search for the jobs online. It’s such a big business going on. Help yourself, help your family stabilize. You will start loving yourself. Fiverr is there, freelancing is such an advance field, start up a blog. There are so many websites out there who need employees to write up for their company.

Talk to yourself, take out time to look into the mirror and see what you are and what you wanted to be! Don’t let your dreams break down, give it a chance once.


This is me with my son just to show you guyz the power of interest. If you are interested in something, you do it whatever circumstances are! However, my son is very naughty and so much attached to me who does not give me a second to stay away from him but I manage it reason being my passion no matter I have to put him in my lap and work.

Let’s get back and take Any religion as Example. They give us great deal of rights and respect. You are not a poor entity.  I myself have witnessed women being tortured if not physically but mentally, with words and behaviors. Society has found new ways to disturb them mentally as people are insecure of their abilities and capabilities so they want to make them upset to eliminate any kind of productivity in them. As you have guts to do a lot constructive work out there, they make you busy, making you think all the time what they have said to you, what allegations they have put on you. As the physical harm is lessened because of awareness and laws originated by government. So it’s a new type of illness among people not to let other stay in peace mentally. So they use harsh words to degrade you because what else they could do with their complexes!! People with such animalistic tendencies have ability to ruin the peace of other person with their words. My research says 60% are now being tortured mentally because families are literate now and they cannot take the risk of harming physically.

Now the question is how to avoid such people when you have to face them more often?

I believe ignorance is the best answer sometimes. Behave like you haven’t noticed what has been said to you. It’s easy to say in words but is very difficult when comes practically. Daily torture makes a very humble person impatient and mad somehow because the other person is playing to your mindset. In such situations, it’s hard for the girl to stand where she really wants to see herself. But it’s okay, talk to Almighty. He is always there to design better ways for you!!

The purpose of writing on this was to motivate you find out ways that make you feel happy, complete and secure. Hope my words helped you strengthen up! You need yourself. If you are happy, your house will be happy. ☺




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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