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10 Dangers Depression Can Provide You With!

Feel destroyed ? Hurt? Hatred? Dead? Empty? Alone? Angry? Tired? Anti- social? Scared? Bored? Upset? Pissed? Sad? Annoyed? Unhappy? Broken? Confused? Betrayed? pathetic? ignored? Defeated? Feel like suiciding?? Staying all the time in such feelings can badly harm you as a person. It can ruin your whole productivity even can turn your Fortunes into Mishaps! […]

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Are you another useless person?

Few days back I was setting up my drawers. There I saw a bundle of certificates which I achieved in extracurricular throughout my academic period. I assembled them and gave them a bit organized shape. I then reminded myself of my articles which were published in “Pakistan today”, the newspaper. I found their published version […]

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