Back to School- how to get a good going routine !

A good routine undeniably helps a child to understand time and regulations. Moreover, it can help him to get used to hard work and chores. After a lot of holidays, students become indolent and uninspired. To overcome these habits parents undertaking plays a very massive role. Parents should aid children to start planning their actions and let them chunk into a good and healthy routine.

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BacktoSchool, tips and tricks!

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At first, it is very considerable for a student to take a good sleep. Since sleep is basic factor towards active mind and sound sleep leads to an energetic beginning of a new day.

To set a well-balanced schedule, parents need to re-establish bedtime routines of their children a couple of weeks before classes’ starts. Follow the listed steps to get your child back on a schedule that actually makes a good sense. 

  • Starting one and half weeks or two weeks before the school starts , move your children bedtime 20 or 30 minutes earlier at night. The next morning wake your child up on equally incremental number of minutes earlier to match it. Continue the same process daily. The older ones mostly stay up late at night and have fun but it is not necessary for younger ones to stay up with their siblings. Kids age 6 to 13 typically needs 9 to 11 hours sleep. Teenagers typically needs 8 to 10 hours sleep. It depends upon age of your child. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can nourish mental and physical health along with quality of life.
  • To have a good night routine, put an end to any form of screen time. Extreme usage of mobile phones , televisions ,tablets and all other electronic  gadgets can make your child’s mind an unhealthy hub. Not to forget! Children become naughty and obstinate when they are neglected by their parents so become keen on mobile phones. So your attention is a must ingredient. 
  •  Third most desired step is to generate a relaxing wind down pattern. Set a soothing and moderate room environment. Dim room lights to a comfortable level , relax your child’s mind by telling him an inspiring story. It all depends on your child age and mind activities. If your child is a teenager give him some quality time by creating an enjoyable understanding. Don’t always annoy your child by clamor. Instead of shouting on them listen to them and give a favorable advice towards success. While kids require more affection and time of parents, ensure that he is getting enough sleep at the same time.


Morning routine is equally important for an agreeable day schedule. So parents must not overlook its importance as well.

To develop a harmonious pattern for realistic and enjoyable morning, parents should overpower the unnecessary style. They must allocate responsibilities and missions to children. To defeat all morning sickness parents should prepare the morning stuff at night. Like bathing their children at night, preparing their clothes, morning meals , lunch boxes etc. since organizing morning essentials the night before is not at all a rocket science so why not opt for such a well-planned schedule. In training towards back to school routine the object that really matters dominantly is children age. Prepare your kids clothes in evening and ask your adults to make them ready for next morning, so they don’t feel lazy other day. Moreover, a healthy breakfast counts a lot of so it must comprise eggs , fruits ,wholegrain ,yogurt etc. give something that makes them feel physically strong. In short, your successful day solely depends upon your morning particularities.

 Once you are done with preparing meal and clothes, you don’t have to answer such questions like Mom, Where is my shirt? Mom, where are my school shoes ? Mom, Please feed me some food. These issues muddle all the schedules. If you prepare all morning activities time before you don’t have to rush like a tiger to find everything in morning. You will start a smooth and happy morning. Work done before time is always favorable. Anything you can do to prepare them for the next day will make things easier for the whole family. Never give up! All these good routines are part of your child development and training. As children needs more education and more organized activities.   

When your child is done with morning and night routines ,then other main step is evening routine. Never let your child feel the day like a burden. Let him know the real meaning to live a healthy and joyful life.  Schedule his whole day like a boss in which he can feel both flavors of responsibilities and joyfulness. Evening routine satisfaction matters a lot because it a footstep towards night routine, whereas a perfect night routine is a key to  healthy morning. In evening make sure your child is not sleepy or down. Feed him snacks and let him play for an hour. This playing factor depends upon the age of your children. Kids usually love to play with toys and creative things.

It is absolutely amazing to be creative. The more you are creative, the more your child would have a healthy day and night routines. This is all upto you how you mould the entire situation. How you help them get back to the normal school going routine without much chaos.

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Checkout their homework and help them in assignments. Some kids get bore after some minutes and quickly bind up their work dishonestly. Some kids get disturbed by things inside the house and some don’t pay attention to what parents are saying. Parents should motivate their kids to complete their homework, they should find some creative methods to make homework easy. Some children are shy in nature and some are passionate about their goals. The children who are shy and dull needs more time of parents as compare to other children who are intelligent and super active. 

One more suggestion about summer vacations that I would like to add is; please dont let these holidays go waste! Even If you have a new school going child, prepare him in these holidays! It makes it easier for them to cope up in new environment with new class with new teacher and with new syllabus! It is undoubtedly the quality time for those children who are behind the ship. Those children have a golden time to overcome their demerits. Parents should help them by taking those children to open environment, by giving them more affection and time.  Parents should not miss this golden opportunity. They should award their children for sticking to the routine.

When summers are over and it’s time to return to school, having a solid routine in place is a blessing. You can’t change anything unless you change yourself first. The secret of your flourishing life is your ideal routine. A perfect routine eventually turns into a healthy lifestyle, an organized individual and prepares us freshly for the next day. Also it keeps a stress level down and aids a good mental health. 

Hope these small tips would help you get back to your routine after the vacations are over ! Click HERE to watch a small VIDEO on setting up school routine for your kids :)





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