Basic tips to prevent diaper rash in babies!!

My baby’s skin is prone to rashes Even a single mistake leads him to catch severe skin damage so when he used to wear diapers, I had to be way too particular in changing his diaper every 3rd hour!

What are you going to learn in this Article:

1. What mistakes made my child adopt diaper rash?
2. What tips I followed to avoid diaper rash?
3. Cleaning essentials I used?
4. When to ask for doctor help?
I have personally seen few moms who just diaper their babies with moist skin may be they have some more important things in life than their babies to look for.. Just do not cover up your baby with wet skin. I never did but his skin can’t take diaper ON for more than an hour. I have to constantly keep checking whether its damp or not!
Also when baby is left for too long with dirty diaper, there is a much chance for him to get harsh rash as ammonia develops when child’s urine mix up with bacteria from stool.
Rash can be caused by parent’s negligence but this is not always the case. There are some babies whose skin is more likely to get red spots so it’s a part of childcare.
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i. Expose your baby’s diaper area to air for some time and let air dry it rather rubbing towel on his/her skin! Or if there is a need of using towel then just softly pat it on. Don’t rub!!
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ii.  Another thing to keep in mind is moms should avoid the usage of wipes. Use water instead!!
iii. Try to keep diaper off from his skin in summers especially. So that healing is easy and circulation will make him play freely. Otherwise red bumps will extend to thighs or even his tummy.
iv. When you observe rash is not being healed, let your child sleep bare bottom with plastic sheet under him to protect mattress from wetness.
v. Use ointments with zinc oxide. There are so many good ointments available in market. I use sudocrem, DESITIN or travocort. Both help me get his skin back to normal.
vi. One more tip that could help is to use a diaper that’s a bit bigger in size to let air in.
Some parents keep warm water in container for their ease. Frequent flow of water is necessary from tap.
i.   Tap water.
ii.  Ointment.
iii. Towel and a sheet.
Introducing new foods to your child’s diet can make him develop rash.
Some solid foods do not suit your child and for a certain period of time he goes on stool passing and this could let him develop nappy rash. diarrhea basically cause this but when you see rash becoming wounds or open sores or they take the form of patches and pimples then you should rush to the doctor on immediate basis.
Also after 2 to 3 days of home treatment, you see rashes do not go away then it is must to visit the doctor.
When diaper rash is caused by Yeast infection, do call the doctor for prescribed ointments or antiseptic creams.
Do share your experience in comments below how do you prevent diaper rash to help other moms out there 😊❤




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