Brilliant Mothers Disclosed Tips to deal Picky Eaters!

Fed up with the everyday headache of dealing your child’s picky food preferences?

Is your little one more into playing than eating?

Is trying new food the hardest thing for your toddler? Or he can have chocolates but no healthy food?

Learn few tips and strategies to help them have a balanced yet their favorite meal plan 😉

A Round-up has been conducted in which few brilliant moms have been asked to help find solutions to this never-ending problem !!

Doctor Kalsoom Akhtar.


Dr Kalsoom Akhtar, Academic Dean, Kinnaird College for Women Lahore shared her experience. She says:

Dear mothers, I am a working woman. I am as normal a mother as you are but I don’t have much time to run after my kid as the one’s who are non-working. The daily usual conversations with the kid.. mama I will not have meat, I don’t like cheese, ooh these veggies.. i need fries and nuggets and it’s go on and on. If your kids are making these statements on daily basis then this is very Normal for their development, I know you get surprised that why it’s Normal.

Let me first explain that why it’s Normal, if your kids accept to take 25 food choices for various meals all around but mostly insists upon specific foods then your kid is a ‘picky eater’ otherwise not following this borderline of 25 will be a disorder. Now coming to the solution, some people will suggest you to get strict with them or let them, it may be a solution but sometimes it will not work. I will give my example in specific. When my son was up to two, I make some purees of foods he don’t like but now he is about 5, he makes arguments and is more stick to his food choices then I make tradeoff with him. I said to him if you’ll eat some veggie or others then I will allow you to watch a certain cartoon or to play some game and it really works! So try to deal with them psychologically and save your energies as kids of today’s age are very smart. Good luck dear mommies ☺

Mrs. Farrukh Sohail.


Mrs. Farrukh Sohail, Associate Professor – KC, a workaholic mom and grandma, loves to cook and stitch, becoming a PhD. scholar soon :)

She says;

It all starts from the very beginning. In my case, I had my pair of twins and tackling their wants simultaneously was a tough one. At 4 months old, I’d make use of every soft juicy fruit I could get my hands on, such as mangoes, plums, apples, banana and leeches and patiently make them suck on small slices or cubes. Soon enough they had grown accustomed to the taste and loved it! At 5 months or so, they were able to eat a small portion of the fruit. Later on I’d make use of my own recipe to get them to eat something apart from CERELAC® and milk, each tablespoon of all the boiled ingredients: minced meat/chicken, rice, any vegetable e.g apple gourd, tomato, onion and blend them all together till a smooth texture is achieved.

As they grew up, I had to come with tricks to make them eat something healthy instead of just French fries. Just as how presentation and creativity counts to attract your client, your child is your customer and critic, judging that ‘thing’ on the plate. I’d cut up fruits and veggies and set them up on the plate in different shapes, faces and add a little story to every form. It all takes patience, time and effort on your part. Parenting is tough, but rewarding. A satisfied stomach and those happy smiles on their faces would make me feel like a super mom. Now a grandma of a 4 month old doll, I’m happy and blessed to do it all over again.

Mrs. Shaista Adil.


My name is Shaista Adil. I have done my masters in education n my specialization in leadership and management. I’m teaching in LGS For last 8 years … God blessed me a baby boy after 10 years so taking care of him is the top notch priority for me.

I have always been taught to give kids everything from the very start so I make him hold wafer or some dry food in his hand so he keeps on sucking and enjoys flavor.
Hopefully I assume, handling him will not be an issue for me even if he would be choosy in regard to food, he will love try new things. I am very much positive Because even now when he is 10 months old, he enjoys ketchup and anything spicy that I touch to his tongue. So it is all about making strategies from his early age for the peace of life ahead.

Mrs. Ammara Rao.


Mrs. Ammara Rao, faculty in Media Studies department at Kinnaird college Lahore, completed her bachelors in multimedia from NCA. She says:

My son Ebrahim was a good eater from his first bite of solid food. I was satisfied with his healthy habits. He loved fruits including Mangoes, watermelon, pears, and ate pretty much anything we offered. He ate beets, rutabagas and sometimes salmon and beans as well,but not much.
But by his third birthday he stopped eating them and became a picky one. He stopped taking cucumber, carrots and other stuff like that. Then he just liked stuff comprised of meat. In his lunch, he just wanted fried stuff like Chicken nuggets, meat balls, Croquettes, Tender pops etc. How exactly i handled this up, Actually all childs at some point shows some level of pickiness. When they grow up , they eat what you eat. So does Ebrahim too. I changed the daily menu of whole members. Added plenty of fruits, vegetables and beans and avoided meaty stuff. So he took almost 6 months to get used to it. And now he got settled with this new meal.

Mrs. Ayesha Siddiqua.


Mrs. Ayesha Siddiqua, Faculty in Media Studies Department, Kinnaird College for Women Lahore said;

Children are the most intelligent among the human species. The more you try to tackle them the more they will drive you crazy. I strongly believe instead of telling and begging them directly to eat certain fruits or food for that matter mothers should eat that food in front of them and should absolutely not offer them. they will automatically try to have cheat a bite or two.

Nida Hassan.


Deputy head girl Kinnaird College,
Completed her Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Let’s see her viewpoint.

It has been such a hard journey feeding my baby. He’s the kind of boy who wants to bring out the best of mama’s abilities in finding ways to tackle him espesically dealing with his eating habits. Initially he hardly used to give any kind of response to the food being fed to him. I had to end up feeding him junk food i.e. Cheetos. Putting the snack in a plate, placing toys around or playing cartoons seemed an option that started to work. And then came his fanaticism towards fizzy drinks. Since baba was ABSOLUTELY against this junk kind of food hence Mujtaba baby ended up with this unhealthy eating pattern. I then resorted to help from other experienced mothers in the house and we figured out that children eat better in company with other kids. Hence group eating and feeding the kid with whatever the mother holds to eat seemed a better option be it a piece of plain wheat roti. One important mistake i made was the over-use of bottle feed. Whenever he wanted the bottle, he was served. Consequently he is more of a feeder baby now and less interested in chewing the food.
So less milk and more solids are better for the baby because even aesthetically overuse of bottle can harm the jaws. Fruits are a bit of help because they are colourful in appearance and attract my boy to first play with them and then put in the mouth.
In short, every day posts a new challenge and it’s so much fun dealing with it with him because his hugs, kisses and the warmth he gives me demands much much more effort from me as a mother.

Aamina Habib.


Works as an Editor in international business magazine. She says;

My son loves to eat fruit, If he is provided or even not provided he steals from refrigerator..
How I make him eat something new which is more beneficial is that I make him wonder how strong he will be and fight against any terror. He says” mama! I’ll eat cream and paratha as I’ll become STRONG” and most of all its how I divert his attention to various other things he like and put bite in his mouth .. that’s the smart play at my part lol.. sometimes I eat along him while telling him stories and he clears the plate ..

Sumbul Asad Chaudhary.


I am from Lahore. Did my degree in fashion designing and running my own boutique. Still manage to look after my family and kids.

Try to make your kids eat? Ahhh, it’s the toughest job of the mother. Every single day, I deal with picky eaters. I’m the mother of 4 year- son, he has very different eating habits. It’s hard to convince him eat anything in the breakfast. Then I come up with some different kind of cooking techniques like making a cake but in his own cartoon mug, put a smile on his sandwich and hairs with noodles. I tried my level best to make his favorites with my own hands. I gave him my proper time and sit besides him until he finished his meal. Tried to tackle him with stories and talking about his favorite cartoon characters.
For him I cook separately as he don’t like spicy items. I gave him proper meals on time but with a small portions. I especially buy a portion plate for him and I filled it with jellies and smarties as well so that he can have it after finishing his meal. He is fond of shakes so I bought a special glass with a straw with cars on it. He loves to drink milk in it. Always prefer your kids over your work loads. I never ignore him in my busy routines. Being a mother is not an easy Job. It’s a 24/7 service and I love my job. Just because I care for what my child is demanding whether he is saying or not.

Madiha Aftab.


Greetings! This is Madiha Aftab! First of all big thanks to add me to the round-up! I appreciate you for your efforts, someone from Pakistan is doing an amazing work in the field of blogging to help every parent out there who is facing problems while child’s upbringing.

I am blessed that I have never faced my kid’s eating disorders. I have tried my level best to make them eat everything and try new dishes every new day.

Presentation matters a lot. Temptation of ingredients. Try those that you think your baby would like to eat. What else?? Just let other family members put any food in his mouth while passing around because mostly mothers worry on this not to give them everything when they are small! Wrong! Once they are 6 months of age, give them everything to eat.

Andleeb Mubashir.


I stay at home and give services to my daughter day and night.

Talking on the topic I would first of all mention that my kiddo is “chatkhori”. She licks everything that I give her…but when I started giving her salted things, she got little irritable, got disturbed but I didn’t stop giving. I tried again n again by giving little portion after short time intervals. As if I have made rice(khichri) she wouldn’t like it, still I’ll go on providing her with a little portion…Once it happened with mango cubes and also with (Rooh Afza) a drink, that she made a weired look after having it. Slowly and gradually she got adaptable to the stuff i was feeding her. Now she eats every type of rice be it khichri, chicken palao, mutton palao, daal chawal anything.

Secondly I make her enjoy icecream, candy, jelly, chocolate, forgetting tooth decay.. all are stories!! She is small to eat fruits but i let her chew the smaller part, I make 3 types of kheer (sweet dish)…I put crushed apple or mashed banana in cerelac ..I make cream jelly mango and biscuit or cake fo her milkshakes too and with that heavy meals as well. I give her (elachi Ka pani) Cardamom water mixed wid 7up and glucose powder so she digest the meal properly .. I have started giving her vegetables like boiled potato, peas and carrot when she is just 7 months of age. Someone senior suggested me to take 5 vegetables, boil them in a glass of water till 2 ounce left and give kids this drink. It’s a best protein intake and my baby is quite healthy. Moms, you can also follow these tips to let your babies have balanced diet and a healthy living.

Simoon Fahim.


I am a housewife and it is matchless in regard to hardest services you need to provide. You must be available to your kids every moment.

My opinion about kids meals is that you should first allow them to sit with you on the dining table. Give whatever they want. Fresh juice must be given to your baby once a day. Don’t give spicy and junk food in start.

Let them try it on their own, don’t force them, new colours and shapes will be more appealing to your child and they will be more likely to try the food.
If you want to try new food, the best time is when they are hungry and playing.

Amna Ahmad.


Hi moms, my name is Amna Ahmad and I belong to Lahore. Dealing with kid’s finicky food prefernces is a difficult job. Tips I would like to share is,

Mothers should focus on flavor and instead of getting frustrated, try to be cool with them. Go slow and steady. Keep a record of everyday meal. Make sure you are not repeating things. Play with innovations and develop some good great recipe that has an amazing aroma and taste. Something belly filling as well as catchy.

It can never happen that a mother who is inventing everyday a new dish, her kids would not want new things to try. It is a mother’s fault or may be society’s that her hectic routine at home, in In-laws especially in typical Pakistani families doesnot allow her to give proper time to kids, make special things for kids and may be that’s why they don’t have habit to try new food.

Zainab Akber.


I literally don’t get much time running after my kids, even I can’t manage replying back to friends. Have got stuck with my routine at home. Thought to talk on the topic as i found it perfect to share what I learnt as helping others is not a bad deal.

I have always relied on appetite filling food to offer my kids. As my routine was always toughest, I knew I won’t ever have time to meet my kid’s picky eating habits so always have made them sit with me and eat what I am eating. And that’s the best I think. They should know every food is a blessing on us. We should eat it with a thankful attitude towards God. Tips are;

Make it fun. When out for grocery, let them choose what they want to eat. Encourage kids to come in kitchen and help you prepare food. Make it a play game as together it would be a task to cook and finish first. Still if they come out to be choosy, understand them, respect their appetite and be patient. It’s normal.

Noor-ul-ain Ali.


Certain level of pickiness is fine obviously when they have their taste buds developed, this is the least they would do! But every new day your kid is making faces looking at veggies, peas or fruits. That’s not acceptable. Kids must eat vegetables and fruits to meet nutritional requirements.
If I talk about myself, I used to run after my Child Specialist while planning diet for my baby. I used to believe that Whatever he would say I will follow that. Then I realized I made a mistake. My doctor always prohibited me to give him every kind of food until he was 1 year of age as his stomach can’t digest every food. That was logical But in this time span, I noticed he was eating those specific things and touching anything new was hardest job for him. After the age of 1, it was toughest thing for me to make him eat any new food. I wonder, who was at mistake? Me or my doc?
Then obviously I had to take a step as I belong to a Lahori family where everyone is a foodie, had to face relatives questioning why is he not eating anything, what’s the problem with the kid, give him rice, give him chicken piece to eat, make him eat something, OH MY GOD so many queries to answer!! My kiddo such a moody baby, will not open his mouth at all, not for a while especially when gone out somewhere! I had to, had to find some solution.

What I did?

Changed the form as my kid can have fresh juice but not fruits. So I changed its form. My suggestion to you is, don’t eliminate something from his diet but make it appealing. I made the food presentable.



As my kid can have milk in bottle but not in cup so I wash soda glass bottle, sterilize it and add the milk in it. This is how it works. I make things likable to him to stop my headache of inserting food in his mouth. I Stopped turning meal into a power struggle so when he feels hungry he eats what’s available. My baby is small so I can’t make him understand the advantages of certain foods. But if you have a toddler of 4 to 5 of age, explain him how powerful it would be for his health. Tell stories. Get kids in kitchen. It encourages them to eat. Switch off television or anything that is distracting your kid to eat. Just Dont force as it may let them minus certain dish for whole of his later life.

Kindly leave your feedback in case you found it helpful to convert a fussy eater into a food feaster!! Much thanks ☺




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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