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Women Empowerment Quotes for Inspiration!

Empowering Women is a basic step towards sustainability of any country or state ! Why women should be Empowered? Why she should participate in all sectors be it Economic, Private, Public, Business or Industrial sector, Banking, Agriculture, Advertising, Food industry, Health area, Services or any essential part that plays the major role in country’s development […]

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6 Natural Remedies to cure Depression!

Everyone of us have similar problems. Stress, misery, sorrow, sadness, depression, anxiousness, despair and hopelessness come to us naturally. Money problems, children health issues, poor educational plans, lack of career consultancy and many more. To deal with worse situations, we rely on anti-depressants which are drugs actually. And their intake is damaging us from deep inside […]

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20 Top Notch Motivational Quotes that Will bring a Definite Change in your Perspectives !

Loosing somewhere in life? Unable to give best out of your abilities? Absent minded? Not performing upto the criteria provided? Feel lack of enthusiasm? Less determined? Want to get yourself motivated?? Every person on earth needs inducement to move forward! We as human get tired and become lazy no matter how stimulus we are! Somewhere […]

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10 Reasons Why People Criticize You !!

Achieving Big is not easy. History is replete with such inspiring people whose struggle made them fall in the category of LEGENDS. Who knows to which painful process of criticism they have gone through? Fear of being degraded and criticized always accompanied them. Still they continued. What made them continue? Friends? Family? Relatives? Fellowbeings? Companions? […]

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Are you another useless person?

Few days back I was setting up my drawers. There I saw a bundle of certificates which I achieved in extracurricular throughout my academic period. I assembled them and gave them a bit organized shape. I then reminded myself of my articles which were published in “Pakistan today”, the newspaper. I found their published version […]

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