Diet that could lead to infertility in Couples!

Children are the most wonderful asset; a couple could have in its journey of affiliation. They provide positive motivation and unfold the real meaning of life. Kids add giggles, cheers and laughter throughout their existence and are the helping hands in making the union of their parents even more potent and influential. Both mother and father perceive the demonstration of their physical as well as emotional love and this makes them more supportive, understanding and concerned towards each other in their life ahead. Young ones provide their parents with such delightful experiences and happenings in their practical life which both partners do not wish to miss or skip from their boring routines.

  • In Pakistani society, marriage is considered a tool to have babies and to carry on the breed. Childless couples, even if they have worthwhile apprehensions are considered highly unfortunate and people see them with sympathetic view. They are judged as an incomplete, distressed and under privileged human beings who are living unachievable and pointless lives.
  • Such couples bear high levels of interferences in their personal lives. Especially females, who are considered liable for every misery, face severe criticism. Tolerance towards random taunts by the in laws and other surrounding people make them seriously irritable and they get deeply frustrated from their lives. Women receive countless recommendations related to gynecologists and are also suggested some kind of spiritual guides for consultation. On the hand, males are advised and encouraged to have second wife who can give him a child. Such kind of counseling leaves no way in turning their marriage, a total hell.

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  • It is now intensely backward to nominate only females for infertility. Men are not the God, perfect, defect less and flawless! They can also bear some complications that form obstacles for women to conceive. According to a research, initially man needs to be examined medically before women as seeds are supposed to be determined at first. When he clarifies his tests then comes the turn of woman so that fertility of land on which seeds are thrown can be analyzed.20171218_132835
  • In the present era, we notice that infertility has spread its wings so vastly that every fourth couple has got tangled in its web. Unproductive couples are no more a rare case. Majorly, this is due to the type of diet we take. Famine of pure items is prevalent everywhere. Ranging from dairy product to bakery items, from white meat to red meat products and even fruits and vegetables, nothing is found in its original, wholesome and natural state with unmixed nutrients. Here we will discuss about some sorts of diets that are the causes of infertility in couples.

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  1. Caffeine present in Coca-Cola hampers sperm count in men. The daily consumption of even quarter of cola decreases up to 30% of the quantity of sperm in those males who are highly addicted to it. High level of sugar is present in the form of high-fructose corn syrup in these types of drinks which create obstacles for fertility to continue in a normal way in both spouses. Insulin gets resisted and forms a major cause of unproductiveness.images (26)
  2. In females, Intake of two or more servings of low fat dairy products reduce chances of reproduction up to 85% in comparison to those who take small or no amount of low-fat dairy products. If nutrients present in one’s diet are encouraging towards fertility then sometimes other diet is also enriched with chemicals and preservatives that hinder ability to conceive.
  3. Consuming edibles that facilitate productiveness should be the focal point of couples having complications. Soy-based foods are not suggested as they reduce the quantity of sperms produced up to 32% per milliliter. The addition of little amount of soy-based foods to diet do not affect sperm count but if it is already low, then testosterone lose their stability with more reduction of sperm amount.
  4. Fast foods including pizzas and burgers contain trans-fatty acids. Traces of trans-fatty acids in men’s semen are the poof of junk food consumption. Great levels of trans-fatty acids in semen create a downfall in the bulk of sperm. As we observe that fast food points are spreading very smartly, we can also notice that sterility is becoming a frequent case in our society.images (25)
  5. Utilization of one alcoholic drink everyday increases profound chances of developing ovulatory infertility in women. Alcohol acts as a constraint in the metabolism of hormones by liver. The potential of liver gets affected and it becomes impotent to remove excessive hormones from the blood. The females with no alcoholic intake have almost 50%lesser possibility of exposure with ovulatory infertility.
  6. Woman who gets regular confrontation with a synthetic chemical named perfluorooctanoic acid(PFOA) can experience infertility from 70% to 134% more than that woman who is not subjected to PFOA more often. This chemical is found in the facing of microwave-popcorn bags, candy covers and junk food packaging. With the use of these types of foods, females suffer from breast and prostate cancers leading to unproductiveness.
  7. The iron which is provided by meat is not the remedy to infertility. Lentils, spinach and supplements are the one which furnish diet with non-heme iron, required to cure any disorder that form a hurdle in pregnancy. Females who focus on iron intake through meat products may suffer from ovulatory infertility and can surely avoid this by introducing a change to their diets and shifting to vegetables for required iron.shutterstock_289569137
  8. Women should give priority to vegetable sources rather than meat sources to attain desired protein. Arachidonic acid is present in red meat which forms the source of ovulatory sterility in females. Women who concentrate on chicken, mutton and beef to fulfill protein intake may face various drawbacks rather than experiencing desired good news.
  9. Antioxidants perform a vital role in increasing not only the quantity of sperms in males but also their motility. There is wide variety of beans including black; red as well as kidney beans which are rich sources of antioxidants. Raisins, barley, broccoli, tomatoes and walnuts need to be consumed by men on daily basis in order to emerge as a reproductively capable spouse.images (27)
  10. Fried and non-fried sea-food like oysters and clam have trans-fats and acrylamide along with mercury and other toxins. Prawns and lobsters are also polluted with several parasites which do not get destroyed by heat. Couples wishing to have kids must simply avoid them. But fish is that sea-food that discourages sterility but nowadays it is also diagnosed with certain pollutants. So high quality fish oils supplements are suggested to stimulate fertility.
  11. Presence of various preservatives, artificial colors and additives fade away natural nutrients of foods and make them detrimental in nature. Nowadays the use of preservatives has become a compulsory act so that particular item can be sold for longer period of time. The commodities available have longer expiry dates. Out of season fruits and vegetables are easily available in renowned super stores. Such fruits and vegetables are presented in their fresh color which is also done artificially. These synthetic food items are the root cause of immense infertility that is creating bitter environment in society.
  12. In Pakistan, broiler chicken is that product which is approachable from high-class to middle-class families. Uncountable delicious recipes are present that involve meat in the form of chicken. Poultry farm owners are busy in multiplying the reproduction of chicken by the use of injections and other artificial and harmful ways in order to meet up the demand and make their business highly profitable. The chicken we eat in our routines lacks in nutrients and is grown in a false way. It affects the menstruation in girls along with other complexities. The continuous disturbance in menstrual cycle leads to hormonal unbalance further leading to infertility in females.fertility-superfoods-1
  13. Chapatti, a staple food and is a compulsory part of our meal but is not utilized in its natural state. Wholesome flour is rare and is considered an exceptional commodity in Pakistan. It is usually available in market in its mixed form which is the major cause of creating obesity in consumers. Obese males and females face greater risks of unproductiveness and they are initially suggested to lose weight in order to boost their fertility chances.
  • Optimal diet is not only necessary for a stimulating lifestyle but also to suppress numerous disabilities in future. Besides an unsound diet various other ingredients mix together resulting in the emergence of sterility. Any kind of trauma or anxiety tumbles the hormonal balance as the consequence of which possibility to conceive for women and sperm count in men gets ruined.  Sexually transferred infections and wide exposure to environmental pollution such as pesticides and insecticides also seem to influence productiveness in couples. When married couples prioritize to establish financially rather than having kids, they face circumstances accompanied with miscarriages and troubles related to fertility issues. Marriages in early 40s endure same kind of pitfall. With few amendments in lifestyles and eating behaviors along with the addition of exercise policy, couples are able to reverse their infertility chances leading themselves to a well-balanced and contented life ahead.




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