Discover How I Multiplied my Energy Level in just 7 simple steps!

Being a Mom is the Purest and the Matchless Blessing. But It demands us to be extra alert and active. Being exhausted is not even in the dictionary of a mom…! Yes, even we are badly tired out, we have to clean the mess over n over again, have to wipe away the water, have to do bedding thousands of time in a day, have to put cutions in a right place millions of the time and yes that too in a day, Have to Have to Have to!!! Aahhh!!

And most oftenly due to work load, we lose our energy level and body starts working inefficiently which leads to unproductivity. And a mom can never Afford this !

React wisely, follow these steps and boost up energy levels without feeling fatigued throughout long hectic day☺😉

1. Take hot water with honey early morning:

Its a natural remedy, cleans your throat and stomach from bacterial infections. Green tea is another option in morning time. Chances of Dehydration elimimates when we have a proper intake of water. Keep check on that too!

How many glass of water do you take whole day? 4? 5? 6? It should be minimum 8!!

I myself don’t have that much of water intake but my husaband keeps check on my water intake so acknowledging his concern, I have to be bit cautious of my water intake. It maintains my energy level throughout the day. Freshens up the skin too.


2. Inhale fresh air :

If you have to go for work and cannot manage early morning walk, just do one thing here. Look outside your window, inhale some fresh air, watch out for some greenery. Breathe. Close your eyes. Take long breath. Hold on for a while. Release slowly. Open your eyes wide. Repeat the process few times. You will feel alive.

3. Heavy breakfast:

It’s time for breakfast. It should be heaviest! Lunch should be medium-high and dinner should be the lightest, Reason being “Helps Proper Digestion”.

images (4)

4. Schedule up your meals:

Take snacks between breakfast and lunch. Snacks should not be burger or pizza or any junk but it should be nuts or berries or some fruits. Yogurt is another option in noon.



Again take something in evening with tea. Cookies or dry cake. But you should eat every 3-4 hours.

5.  Increase fiber intake:

Choose those snacks which you feel are high in fiber. Eating fiber rich whole food is the best way to increase energy level. Let me mention few for you here:
Whole wheat pasta

Yesterday I was thinking what to prepare for meal. Then i thought to myself about the fiber containing vegetables. And finally i came up with this dish.


Contains broccoli, potato, beans, lentils.

I would like to put up some more pictures of my meal to share with my lovely readers.



Chicken is a source of high protein and vegetables are proper source of fiber. A proper meal for me! And the good thing “Easy to cook”.
If you have a good diet plan, I assure you nothing can beat your energy.

6. No visuals stimuli before bed:

Close your gadgets one hour before you go to bed. I have practiced this thing when I avoid my cell phone, laptop, and television I wake up fresh next day. And my Son sleeps in time too!!

7. Dress up nicer:

Your dressing sense reflects your energy outwards. If you are properly dressed up, you will love being “YOU” and it would mean that you take yourself seriously.


Keep in mind nothing great has ever been acheived without enthusiasm. Be enthusiastic at work because it will make you communicate more confidently with your fellow beings. Interact with people. Socialize and share your knowledge with others. You will feel yourself more active and energetic.
When you will react this way, people around you will get energy from you, will be inspired by you, will like to be with you !!!
And its a matchless feeling. This feeling can make you produce outstanding results from your talent.


Be Less Arguing, Stay Energetic, Practice Patience, No Hypersensitivity, Love yourself! Less arguments stabilize my energy, staying quiet adds to my dignity and I feel myself more Respected and Esteemed when I myself don’t give judgemental opinions but when I am especially asked !!! Being a mom and a wife is a blessing!! Being wife I dont have to always win an argument. Its not a war or a win win victory for me! Saves hell lot of my energy!! Being Mom, I don’t always yell to see the mess, I ask my son to come along and help me too! Thats my Theory, Whats yours ???


Sign that your energy level is Up :

And your eyes will get open on defined time regularly.

I do hope after reading this article, you find yourself quite more energetic and enthusiastic regarding yourselves :)

Thumbs up !!☺




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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