Discover the Best Ways to Sterilize Bottles and Nipples for Your Baby!


Baby is the most precious gift from God. Many couples are not blessed with this beautiful gift and pray every moment to have a baby. So those who have them, should take great care of them so when the baby is born, first eleven to eighteen months are very critical. The fact is, their immune system is not much developed and baby must be secured from harmful germs and bacteria.

Mostly the babies are fed with feeder bottles having nipple on it and the bottles & nipples must be sterilized when it is time for them to be fed.

I personally feel breast feeding as the most safest, pure and healthy way for a newborn. Bottle feeding is not in my list even my son is 2 year by age and I prefer training cups for him not bottles.

Mother should not breastfeed the baby for MORE THAN 2 YEARS. Because it then finally leads to tooth decay and brings so many harm for the development of moral teeth!

My son used to hate sucking bottle nipples that was more of a bonus to me. Mother feed has its own advantages not just for baby but for mommy too. It’s a universally accepted truth that mothers who feed their kids breast milk never catch breast cancer. Some working women don’t breastfeed their kids rather go for bottle feeding, Here is the proper way for them to sterilize bottles and nipples first.

Why You Should Sterilize Bottles and Nipples for Your Baby

Many mothers think that proper sanitizing is nothing just waste of time, but on other hand some mothers think that sanitizing is very important for their baby’s health and is the only method by which their baby can be safe from bacteria and germs.

It is also important that brand new bottle must also be sterilized.

It never happens that a brand new bottle is clean and sterilized. Companies just make and pack them, they do not sterilize them. So it is necessary that when you buy a bottle you must sterilize it before feeding.

The most common cause of illnesses in baby is that, the feeding bottles are not sterilized and baby is fed with bottle simply after washing with tap water. This is not at all recommendable. The best ways to sterilize bottles and nipples for your baby are follows:

  • Washing of bottle with proper method.
  • Steam sterilizing.
  • Boiling the bottle and nipple in hot water.
  • Microwave sterilizing.
  • Cold water sterilizing.

Washing Of Bottle with Proper Method.

Feeding bottles are washed simply by running plenty of water and are washed with soap or liquid solution normally.

It is not the way to clean the bottle properly.

The most common mistake is done when feeding bottles are placed aside and little quantity of milk remains there and is settled or dried in it. The feeding bottles must be washed immediately after feeding the baby.

The proper method is that you should separate the parts i.e. Nipple, ring, bottle and cap. Then wash them with soap which is not used previously or is used only to wash feeding bottles. Revert the nipple and wash it. Satisfy there is no milk curd attached with it. Then wash the ring with soap. Wash the bottle with bottle brush accurately and make sure there is no trace of milk curd in the bottle. Wash all the parts with water and place them upside down position and let them dry.

During drying period there might be the chance that bacteria gets attach to the bottle and nipples, but that kind of bacteria is helpful for the immune system of a baby but the one in curd of milk sediment in the nipple is not helpful.

Steam Sterilizing.

Steam sterilizing is the quickest way of sterilizing bottles and nipples for your baby. Many electric steam sterilizing machines are available in the market and sterilize almost in 12 to 13 minutes. The bottles must be placed upside down so that the steam move into the open portion and it is done to ensure complete sterilization. After sterilization, the bottle is placed in the machine and it keeps the nipples and bottles sterilized for 5 to 6 hours.

Steam Sterilizing babies bottle

Boiling The Bottle And Nipple In Hot Water.

This method is used commonly to sterilize bottles and nipples for the babies. The bottle and nipple is dipped in water completely. The water is then boiled for almost nine to ten minutes. This boiling of water kills the germs and bacteria. Before you boil your feeding bottle you must know that your feeding bottle allows you to boil it or not. That is because some type of plastics are made up of bisphenol – A, which is commonly known as BPA. The BPA chemical lets it’s traces out when placed in boiling water or when is near to the place where temperature is high. The intake on this chemical effects the brain, prostate gland and behavior of infant, fetus and young children. Read more on Side effects of BPA on baby.

It is always a better idea to go for BPA FREE bottles for your baby.

Microwave Sterilizing.

The best way to sterilize bottles and nipples for your baby is microwave sterilizing. It takes only 90 seconds to sterilize. Just wash feeding bottles and place them in the microwave for about 80 to 90 seconds. Do not put any covered or closed bottle in the microwave because it can raise the temperature within the bottle and can cause problem. Some designed microwave sterilizers are also available in market which are specially made for the sterilization purpose. They not only sterilize the bottles and nipples but can have time to cool and place in them multiple bottles to sterilize.

Microwave Sterilizing

Cold Water Sterilizing.

Cold water sterilizing is good if you travel too much. It is so simple to use. Just add tap water in a clean container and make sure the container is only used for only sterilizing purpose. Fill the container with tap water and dip the bottle and nipple in water and be sure there are no air bubbles in them. Then add sanitizing solution as recommended by the provider. Let the bottle and nipple remain in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Then take them out and wash. Let them dry.

Nothing is more important in the life of parents then the health of their baby and they can do anything to save his health. Few minutes of your time spent in the precautions and sterilizing can save your baby’s health from certain diseases. Methods listed above are used now a days and people get healthy results after using the techniques mentioned above. Sterilize the bottles daily and also before every feed and let your baby smile and be healthy ever ☺

Cold Water Sterlizing Sterilizing




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