How Exploring Yourself Can Do Wonders For You ! 5 Steps and You Are An Entirely New Person ! :)

Whenever I am cooking, I try little innovations with new sauces and every time dish comes out to be Yummylicious. It gets appraisals and kids love it too. I was making pasta and added variety of vegetables and chillies in that which gave it a very unique taste eventually. Even it was looking very tempting. I always wonder how i was able to make it so delicious?




Let me mention another aspect of my life. WRITING!

When I am writing anything, I always realize that my mind works super fast and ideas come like a storm to me. Who is there to help me when i just take a start?

Definitely it’s the GOD who is there to hold your hands and leads you to success in every small or minor aspect of human life. He designs best paths for us! He is there to suggest us perfect ways. He is the one created us with great potential to bring reforms in the entire world.

He has bestowed upon us the power of adapting to new things, modifying ourselves according to the need of hour. We hold great importance in his eyes as he looks upon us like his very own perfect creatures!

Man has strong mental powers, unbeatable physical abilities and matchless talent. The need is to OPEN your eyes, DISCOVER yourself, EXPLORE your talent and then see what MIRACLES happen. Take a step to unveil the hidden talent in you. God is always there to help you out.


A man is never helped out if he doesnot help himself.

Question yourself: Are you on the position where you really wanted to see yourself? Apply the steps mentioned below and see if you’re able to discover yourself ? :)


Develop an ability to talk to yourself. Pretend yourself to be very sensible, some old age person who is enjoying perfect health physically and mentally. Ask him the question whether you are doing things awesomely or there is some improvement needed? Question yourself about what things to be done in future? And what to add on in your behavior which could help you become a better human? Questioning yourself is a great art to Explore yourself.


Find yourself a job which you love so that you dont have to work a single day in life”.

If you discover your likings and dislikings, things will go in your favour. And you will love being “YOU”. Less stress, no headaches, less anger, more will be the productivity towards your goals.
After Setting up the priority for you, go to the next step. “Actual working”!


Some steps need to be taken alone. No one ELSE’s you, is going to figure out those things. After talking to your conscience, take a start for where you want to see yourself. Failures do happen in life. But they disclose strengths and weaknesses to you. And give you opporrunity to work on them. Even when you get hurt in life, God feels the pain and he is there to hold your hands. Because you are his most prized possession. Life is about risk, trust yourself. Take a step ahead and see what happens.


After starting up the new journey of exploring your hidden talent, say WELL DONE to yourself. People will always criticize you for your doings. May be they dont want to see you flourishung. Because of some fear of insecurity in them. They will always point fingers towards you and will backbite to influence your creativity badly. You have to simply ignore them. And listen to your inner voice. People should not be an authority on you to judge your doings. Appraise yourself. You are wise, intelligent, spiritual, energetic and healthy. This feeling can make you do miracles. Praise yourself if you think you’re on right track and your doings worth it!!!



Don’t compare yourself with successful people on way. Seek knowledge from them. Take them as your mentor. Comparison will let you to negativity and you have to abandon the negative. It can bring complexity of mind in you. You have just started the journey but it took long for them to approach the post where they are enjoying. Set them as a challenge and strive harder to acheive designated goals.


Stay consistent and committed ! Things will go best for you. Because a time will come when you will look at the past and say ” I might have given it one more shot or tried it once, I would have been on a better rank”. So its a DO-IT AGAIN formula. Because the fact is ‘things in life don’t come easily’ and God has created us this way that we accept the challenge and fight for it !!

If you Explore your real self, you nurture yourself and finally you Earn yourself. :)




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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