How to Flatter Your Crush in 12 Spectacular Ways

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Usually I write on Parenting and Married life issues, how to survive relationships and never let them get apart. But here, I was constantly getting suggestions on website and in different communities and groups where I do posting that to write something for Singles, something they as young generation would want to read like approaching ideals and best ways to praise crush. So I welcomed them and thought of penning points down.

Basically I was never those types of having crushes and wanting anyone badly be it ANYONE… I was asked to marry my Husband by my parents and I said OK. So it is a hard job for me to suggest anything but I am a keen observer, I have an eagle eye. I see everthing around, I have friends and circle So few ideas I asked them as a survey. And few I got my own.

I feel, Flattering your crush means to greet the person you love and it is very much important for you to know how to compliment your crush in different ways. Mostly people flatter two Personalities in their lives, one mainly is their boss and other is their loved ones just because they need both desperately. They need boss for their promotion and loved one because they find them as a source of contentment, staying with them gives a feeling of ultimate bliss and infinite Pleasure.

Mostly people do flattering when they found one and want to let that Person know off the way that you are interested. Flattering is basically the way to start a conversation and as the time passes away, that Person gets to know you are interested which is your basic task. Casually people flatter their boss so that they get promotion, but that goes sometimes wrong because they use fake words and the boss knows all about what their purpose is. Better to choose right words, take right decisions at right time. Keeping in account Time, mood and selection of words while praising them.

Why Flatter Your Crush

Sometimes you need a base to start a chit chat, because some people are much choosy in their selection of friends and whom they want to get closer. For people like them, you definitely should know how to start.

Person tries harder to approach when it gets to the higher degree of desiring his crush. No one want to lose the ideal personality what one had portrayed in mind for a long period of time to spend whole of his life with. That is why I have made a little effort here to let you guyz understand how to get your ideal and do not let him/her go. For a wife, her ideal is husband, husbands have many for sure as the demand of their thirsty soul. (THAT’S THE FACT).

For children their ideal is their Mom Dad. And how to cherish each moment together with your loved ones, here are the tips.

12 Spectacular Ways:


Comment On Clothing

The most common and best way to get the attention is to impressively comment on the dressing first. Everyone now a day is curious about dress. When you comment on dress the attention will all be on your side. For husbands, do compliment your wive’s dressing sense because this mere thing will make their day 😉

Hanging Out

Try to deliver a message through a person or thru any social media like facebook etc about a plan regarding movie or lunch. Wow what happiness your wife would get afterwards if you try to revive your marriage each day. Make efforts to sit closer and try to pass some time, share snacks and there will be the chance of more interaction. For singles, I would suggest you to focus on your studies first and be a rich man. Because girls nowadays are more materialistic and have long term approach, so rather wasting money, try to save it 😛 (PRACTICAL ADVICE).

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Try To Share Same Interest

Try to share the things what your ideal likes. For example share a music or pass on some quotes or try to pretend that you fortunately like the same music or movies or hobby what your crush likes. This will help you get a chance for a detailed chat, a girl of age 19 recommended.

Place Your Crush First Always

When you see your crush with friends, always greet and meet your crush first. This will clearly send a message that you gave priority to your crush from all others and your crush will clearly notice it and this will place a high ranked mark in front of your crush.

Arrange A Party

Try to arrange a party with friends and then at that very party, stand one on one with your crush and talk boldly. You will have a chance to say clearly and your crush will completely understand what you will be saying, present a gift afterwards. (Age 20, Girl)

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Attending A Party Thrown By Your Crush

You must know what the liking of your crush is. Wear the dress what your crush likes. Then you will be the most attention grabbing thing for your crush, a boy of age 16 said.

He then added to bring along a fantastic gift on party, something that makes him feel like you care.
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Text In The Free Time

Send message or send some quotes when your crush is off duty. This will give a positive effect on your crush and your crush will remember you daily if you continue this routine for some days or weeks. Make her your addict, Then if you miss some day your crush will message you and that will be your chance to go ahead and talk to your crush. Boy Suggested!


Arrange a Game Play

Try to arrange a game play in which your crush is interested and decide a treat on the loser. This will give you a chance to be frank within no time and after that if you lose or win you will be going with your crush and there you can talk and have much more frank talk with your crush as you cannot by contacting directly. A boy suggested !

Comment On The Picture

If you see the picture of your crush at any social media, just comment on it. Do not like it just comment on it and your comment must be dual meaning. Your comment must be in good sense and also in average sense. Then your crush will ask you for your comment and there you will start a chat; a boy of age 14 recommended!! 😛

Plan A Trip On Weekend

Plan a trip on the weekend to the favorite place of your crush. This will make a chance to discuss things like what is required on the specific location and what are the facilities provided there. As your crush knows that place better so there is a more chance of getting in touch. (Age 17; boy)

Unusual Text Message

Text your crush an unusual message, indirectly letting your crush know that you have been thinking about her. This will let your crush think WHY the message has come and what is it saying! Then this “why” will be the cause of the chat and you will find a reason to talk with your crush deeply. A boy of age 13 said; I mean whattay idea lol.

Invitation On A Surprise Lunch

If you and your crush is in same class, invite your crush to a surprise lunch. That will also be a very good and solid reason to talk and have a chat with each there for a bit longer time than usual and you can get frank with each other. (Age 15, boy).

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Enjoy ☺




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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