How to make Grocery Shopping with kids a fun Activity!

I am sure all the mothers will relate to the truth that grocery shopping with kids is torturous! They drive you crazy with all their abilities to ruin your mood. Going without them feels like being on vacations 😀
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There are so many benefits of leaving kids at home, top of all is Peace of mind also you don’t over-budget yourself, more work and less time, less hastle, and things go with flow!!!
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But a good Parent never prefer doing this! To be a good parnet, you need to be more patient and tolerant! We can discipline our kids through some great tips rather using disrespectful speech!
I have seen a lot of moms who look educated but they are always yelling at little souls to stop picking things or placing it somewhere out of the scene. I went to the departmental store where I saw a female actor shouting at her son:
“I am not here to buy your stuff but baby’s!!!”
Isn’t this rediculous? We think of these celebrities as really literate people but she was totally against my opinion!
Kids place their parents on that status where whether they idealize them or develop negativity towards them. So our words have powerful influence on their mental health and personality as a whole. At this developmental stage, they have strong picking power and our positive response can make them be a far more better person instead when we show our annoyed attitude towards them, they get stubborn, mischievous, disobedient and reluctant. As a result, they stop caring their parent’s emotions when they grow up.
This is me with my little one and we love to shop together. He always respect me for my emotions even at this small stage because I have never been irritated with him on pity matters. I make him feel loved and valued So does he!
He realize his mistakes more often and say “Sorry Mama”, starts kissing and loving me on my cheeks just to calm me down! So kids copy you as you do, they do it in return!! Don’t say your kid is too small to notice minor things. A child has self-esteem from the very first day he is born!
I have heard moms saying to their co-fellows
“How could you afford listening to your child’s cry at grocery store”? “How do you manage to take him on the cart”?
I mean “Really??”
When you give birth to your child, you are no more a girl but a MOM! This word MOM itself is a big umbrella catering all the forms of patience and love! Just ignore those who say it like that and Lets discuss the tips which can make your shopping less torturous and more like a fun activity with kids!

Calm a crying child:

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If you see your kid is screaming and disturbing others, make an eye contact to him. Let action speak here not words!! Take him out of the store. Sit somewhere at side and let silence work here! Be quiet for sometime.. When you sense an apologetic behavior then ask if you guys can talk?? Hug him and ask if he wants to try again and the condition would be a good behavior from the child otherwise second option that he has is “Going back home”! I have tried this trick so many times and it works!!
BREAK and Quick change of scenery sets up kid’s mood and helps kid regain control.

Let your child put stuff in the cart!

My baby is now 2 years and 3 months by age and he really enjoys shopping with me. He feels like a boss as he is the one who is sitting in the cart and placing things inside. So its a mother who can make him feel like someone highly respected OR ignored at the same time. If you can’t respect your kids choices then don’t expect him to be respectful towards you when he will be a mature grown up.

Let your kid make choices.

I always ask him to select. I put options infront of him and he decides the flavor what we should buy from custard to my lip color. Acknowledge your kids and let them participate.
I ask my son more often that “How’s mama looking in this or should I go for that one”?  He tells me while smiling “Wowww Mama” “Mama Achi..”. Participation makes your kid feel confident and a good communicator as well.

Make them busy in Eating.

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I ask my son what he is craving for. Then I just open it for him. Let him enjoy that snack or fruit container or whatever it is. At the end of shopping, I give that empty container or bag for billing So, this is how I manage. On a serious note, leaving kids at home is not the solution, it will make them less interactive and they would fear to socialize. All is upto you, what you want them to become. Don’t look for your Ease!! Enjoy all their phases to the maximum. These days won’t come back, they will grow up and will become busy in their lives. So give them good memories of childhood which they can relish in future.

Give them jobs!

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I have one son so its easy for me to manage as I am a bit more organized in this aspect. I have a list in hand and his list in another hand. I give pencil in his hand and ask him to mark what we already have bought. Shopping with more than a kid can be easy too. Assign them tasks that these are things that they have to pick up and bring to the cart. This color, this flavor and all specifications about the task so they take proper time finding them. It’s fun and Easy. No need to get exhausted, just understand the need of situation.

What’s your shopping Experience with kids?? Discuss 😊




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