Implement these Strategies to Help your Child Deep Sleep!

New parent frequently suffer sleepless nights with newborns. Their schedules need to be patterned with time and there can be done a lot by listening to other’s experiences how they were able to pass this crucial hence special time with baby.


What are the principle rules to follow while understanding Newborn’s Sleeping Patterns?

Try to Understand your child’s sleep ! Else;


Well I have always tried to make my son wake up late in morning (11 am). I feel like when he wakes up early (9 am), he is drowsy and sleeps with 4 to 6 hour interval in afternoon (2 pm) then early at night (9 pm) while if I look at my routine, I go to the bed quite late due to my work niche and when it is time for me to pack up at (1 am) , he wakes up! Schedule gets disturbed also I have to wake up early for house chores So I always prefer him to wake up late (11 am) so I am able to perform some initial household work before he has aroused. This is how he sleeps around (4 pm) and then late night with me (1 am). His routine goes with mine and we both sleep together for whole long night without getting up for a moment.

images (65)

TIP for NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep.

If you really want to see that once your child is drifted into sleep, he has no concern with what is going on around then Don’t let him sleep in odd timings (unexpected time) once his routine is settled. 4 pm means 4 not 3 or 5!!

It’s totally upto you as parent to setup your baby’s sleep cycle watching your own. I see flexibility in his sleep. In case if I want to make him sleep early, he sleeps but a certain hardwork is required plus a supportive Environment. Even when he will have to go to school I know I won’t be having much difficulty adjusting his sleep. First I will change my routine at that time, I know what my baby needs is my presence and quietness for a while. It’s a fact when children grow up they develop sleep maturity so no worries for future.

Frankly speaking, when your child is not going to school, this is the only time he can be adjusted to yours, afterwards you are the one to make adjustments NOT them LOL.


Give your child plenty of options to play. When your child will be tired of playing, he will get in deep sleep. Make him Eat to keep up the energy levels. Put BANANA bites in his mouth or mash POTATOES while he is wasting energy in making the drawers empty or things out of shape. He will continue doing stuff and once he is done, He will enjoy sleep to maximum and make sure to have little bit of sleep with him for half an hour in evening, atleast close your eyes for sometime. It would help you boost up your energy levels in taking care of baby, managing work at home and completing other specified tasks for other half of the day. Buy an attractive Nap Mat for your child. Make things likable for him.
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To read how much sleep your child requires, Check this !

images (66)


I always have observed this with my baby that when I put him in shower at night before going to bed. He has a quiet sleep. Bathing has a good effect on my kiddo’s sleep.

If your baby does not enjoy bath; Go for this option!

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There are certain pressure points on foot. Pressing them can be a source of relief for your child. My baby is passing through teething stage, foot massage helps in that as well. I am putting up a picture here for better understanding of pressure points. It has hepled him in good sleep.

photo (1)


It is a request that I am putting forth to every mother out there, not to rely on babysitters or maids for this purpose. They have nothing to do with our baby’s health or rahes they will get. Change your baby’s diaper yourself every 4 hour. Whatever brand it is, make sure to change it every 4 hour! I repeatedly say don’t wait for it to run out of capacity. Dry nappy helps in pleasant sleep. Before baby sleeps, put bit of baby oil or Almond oil, massage gently and cover up your baby.


Cuddling with kid can be proven great in his upbringing, resulting in infinite love towards you plus a bonus of strong bond and connection. Helps better sleep, releases chemicals, removes frustration and in short kids need our hugs in every sphere of life.

Cuddling generates the sense of security and warmth. Baby feels like he is safe, secure and sleeps well. I am the evidence of this, my baby sleeps tight when we are in hug! After he sleeps, I just move or put his favourite “ELMO” in his arms.

unnamed (5)

Parents who think that once their kid develops this habit to sleep in hug with them, How to get rid of it?

Not at all an issue. Kids outgrow these habits with passing stage.


This is only YOU who can help your child sleep well ! Prove yourself to be a Good parent. Design ways, Provide solutions. They need us!! 😊




I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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