7 tips to deal with Insomnia !

Insomnia is a big torture and it happens because all night long we keep on calculating hours how much sleep we will get if we are able to fall asleep right now. And this is how the whole night passes away, sharpening our mathematics. Lol DAMAGE: On a serious note, let’s talk about damages it […]

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10 Reasons Why People Criticize You !!

Achieving Big is not easy. History is replete with such inspiring people whose struggle made them fall in the category of LEGENDS. Who knows to which painful process of criticism they have gone through? Fear of being degraded and criticized always accompanied them. Still they continued. What made them continue? Friends? Family? Relatives? Fellowbeings? Companions? […]

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10 Dangers Depression Can Provide You With!

Feel destroyed ? Hurt? Hatred? Dead? Empty? Alone? Angry? Tired? Anti- social? Scared? Bored? Upset? Pissed? Sad? Annoyed? Unhappy? Broken? Confused? Betrayed? pathetic? ignored? Defeated? Feel like suiciding?? Staying all the time in such feelings can badly harm you as a person. It can ruin your whole productivity even can turn your Fortunes into Mishaps! […]

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Are you another useless person?

Few days back I was setting up my drawers. There I saw a bundle of certificates which I achieved in extracurricular throughout my academic period. I assembled them and gave them a bit organized shape. I then reminded myself of my articles which were published in “Pakistan today”, the newspaper. I found their published version […]

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