Teeth brushing techniques for kids!

Having Bad experience with child’s brushing technique OR he simply takes the whole toothpaste inside his mouth and sucks it? Want to teach him the right way?

This article is something that should be bookmarked!

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This is challenging but can be a fun activity if done properly. I have instilled this habit of teeth brushing in my kid In fact it is one of his favourite job to be performed. As he used to come with me inside the bathroom, watching me brushing out plaque and removing cavity most of the time from my teeth. He fully examined me the way I used to do and tried to imitate me to as much extent as he could. As a matter of fact, He cannot be trained professionally to clean out gum line and approach tiny crevices at this early stage. For that you need to be patient and lower your expectations. Help him and teach him wisely.

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Also I have this habit of using dental thread. My child likes holding it in his hands and putting it in between his teeth which is totally a wrong practice for kids.  A child should always be forbidden while doing this act. Why? Because he cannot understand flossing correctly at this age. After he starts his school, he can be allowed to use dental floss.

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Teeth brushing is fun for kids if taught the right way. I have made it a game of enjoyment by teaching my child few simple tips. I want my fellow friends to learn the same to avoid mess and let baby enjoy to fullest.

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TIP 1.


Make him act like he is a dentist and he has to clean plaque from a puppet’s, cartoon character or elmo or a doll’s mouth. He would see the more clear way how the whole job is done rightly. He would apply same on his own after practicing.

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TIP 2.


Use non-fluoride toothpaste for toddlers. Not the regular one!! Can be proven dangerous if swallowed. Toddlers can have allergies with this so dentists recommend toothpastes, containing non-fluoride yet cavity-fighting ingredients. On the other note, you must stay side by side of your toddler and look at him from mirror, watching everything is going fine.

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TIP 3.


With advancements in every sphere of life, such an amazing toothbrushes have come into existence that you simply wonder. They come with motors on them, colorful and so eye appealing that kids would love to use. Choose best for them and apply a bit of non-flouride toothpaste, move in their gum lines from back to front in circular motion.

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TIP 4.


If you will brush along with him, he would be more encouraged and will prefer to clean every tooth in competition. Ask him to clean thoroughly otherwise he will lose. Game can be named as “COPYCAT“!


TIP 5.


Make sure you are not giving your child any sweetened products in excessive amount that can cause tooth decay. Especially on bed time, try to avoid giving him formula milk which I have seen every other mother feeding their toddlers at night. I used to do the same but with the passage of time, with proper research, I corrected myself and wanted others to know about this.


TIP 6.


I know mornings of mothers are quite busy. They can’t afford a proper session at morning. So rather letting him destroy the bathroom peace, spitting everywhere and making battleground out there. Give him 10 mins atleast and clean his teeth yourself. Let him spit in basin and don’t despair. Once he is done, he would be in a feeling of satisfaction.



TIP 7.


Make your child realize that the cavity is finishing his teeth and he has to fight all the cavity dragons or plaque monsters to stay healthy orally.

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Read Expert advice. For more detailed information, Click here!

Hope this article has helped you discover some unnoticed yet important tips that every mother should know 😊




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