Top Reasons Why to Complete Antibiotics Course once started!

My common practice was to stop giving medicines to my baby as soon as he used to feel absolutely fine. Also I’ve read a Well-Researched Article in which Professor Gwendolyn Gilbert of the University of Sydney wrote:
“There is a common misconception that resistance will emerge if a prescribed antibiotic course is not completed.”
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Leaving or continuing specific medication depends on the nature of disease. If its a mild infection don’t go for antibiotics Even though simple medication can be stopped as soon as you feel better!
Chris Del Mar, Professor of Public health at Bond University in Queensland, said that:
For most acute chest and urine infections, doctors should tell patients to stop taking the tablets once they feel better. Only for some conditions, such as Tuberculosis or Osteomyelitis, and other deep-seated infections where symptoms could improve even though the bacteria might still be flourishing, should patients continue taking antibiotics until they have finished the course or their doctor tells them otherwise.
A research showed that Its NOT always necessary to complete Antibiotic Course. It states a Real Life story of a person named ALEXANDER who died after starting a course of antibiotic called Penicillin. He had few tablets for few days, got better and then died because the course was a bit long and Penicillin got short in market! So the general rule is;
“Shorter the course, lower the risk or side effects”.
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Contrary to this, Few days back when I had to visit my Child’s Specialist, as I already started research on the topic so I personally asked him “Why is it always told to complete the antibiotic course once started?
He explained me the working of antibiotics that bacteria keeps on flourishing if we don’t complete the course. It doesn’t just flourish but also results in prolonged treatment. He further explained the reason why he doesn’t recommend antibiotics for children when its about cold, flu or normal infections that can be removed with simple medication. Then he said, stopping regular medicines is fine but antibiotic course once started must be completed as it will increase the chances of killing all the bacteria that made you sick and the risk of resistance will be eliminated. And the course should be of 3 to 4 days not more!! Again the same thing; “Shorter courses should be started even for more serious infections“!
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A debate was conducted in order to determine how true the statement is! And results disclosed “90% people were of the opinion that the course must be completed no matter what”!! Lets see what people said;
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Jim Lodge, London.
THE danger to the individual is that the infection will recur, and will be more difficult to treat when it does. The danger to the rest of us is that the general population of the infecting bacterium will become more resistant to the antibiotic concerned. If you fail to complete a course of antibiotics, some of the bacteria causing the infection may survive – and these will be the ones with the greatest resistance to the antibiotic. This is an unnatural version of natural selection, and will result in the bacterial population in the afflicted patient having a higher than normal resistance to that antibiotic. As the surviving bacteria reproduce, the resulting infection would not be treatable with the same antibiotic. If the infection is passed on to someone else, their infection will also be resistant to the antibiotic.
Doctor Arooj-E-Ozair, Lahore, Pakistan!
It is MANDATORY to complete antibiotic course once u start it.. The reason being, if u terminate giving antibiotic to the child as soon as he/she starts getting better… The culprit “bacteria” develop resistance against that particular medicine as they are not killed yet but just decreased in number due to antibiotic’s action… so when it is left… The bacteria gain enough resistance and they become so powerful that no antibiotic can be effective against them….
Nikhil Ravishanker, Mysore, India.
I think the danger of creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria is very real. Bacterial infections, before antibiotics, quite often proved to be fatal and by discontinuing a course of prescribed antibiotics, we run the risk of going back there. These much talked about ‘super bugs’ created by incomplete courses of prescribed antibiotics are also created by unnecessarily taking antibiotics. Antibiotics will not cure viral infections. So, prescribing antibiotics without properly ascertaining the cause of infection is indeed an equally real danger.
Sana Adeel, Lahore Pakistan.
It is mandatory to complete antibiotics course coz in my experience the disease appear again even more powerfully..My baby gets cranky and he completely loses appetite after three days of antibiotics but I know that it’s better complete the course .. Secondly the particular antibiotic loses its action next time..My  pediatrician told that it’s safe to administer antibiotic min 6 time a year in our particular climatic zone.. So I have stop worrying about the excess use of antibiotics.
Neeraj Mathur, New Delhi India.
This debate is meaningless in light of the fact that decision to go to a doctor was that of the patient and he/she decided to go because of the confidence in the doctor’s ability. Once prescribed by the doctor, I strongly believe that one must complete the course as prescribed. Either have faith in the doctor or be the doctor yourself!
Shaista Ishaque, Lahore Pakistan.
In my opinion, The hard part is figuring out when cutting your course early is OK, since you have no easy way of knowing when it’s safe – and your doctor probably doesn’t know enough about the details of the medication to be sure when a safe cutoff falls, either, In other words, cutting the course prematurely may be harmless or even beneficial, but most people have no way of knowing when this is the case. Without professional advice, there’s a good chance you’re better off following the formal recommendation.
Dania Abbas, Lahore Pakistan!
Well according to my experience its must to complete the antibiotic course,as prescribed by the doctor which may vary according to the medicines,mostly 3/5/7/10 days.. Once i terminated the antibiotic without completing the course, infection again attacked my kid so i recommend everyone to complete the course without getting worried..
Rida Nayab Omer, Lahore Pakistan!
I totally repeat the course once started either 3 days or 5 days. Because honestly after 5 days my baby starts getting crankier. And I know then that this is the stage she’s going to get better. It’s best to go by what doctors say. Because they know what’s best for your children medically.
Aliyya Fatima, Lahore Pakistan!
Well I don’t know much about it But when yu r giving antibiotics on doctor’s prescription, they mention days 3/5/7/10 depending on the infection. So I personally complete those days for getting rid of that infection completely. Otherwise I have to repeat the course after one or two weeks and that’s my experience.

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One should always complete the course of antibiotics but infections like flu, coughing, and sore throats cannot be treated with antibiotics. So simple medicines for them can be left as you see your child feeling alright! But once you start an antibiotic course, prefer it to be a small course and complete it as prescribed by the doctor!
Any more suggestions are most welcome in comment section below! 😊




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