Top Reasons why you need explainer videos for your business!!


People are so busy with their routines that it is hard for them to get through all the detailed text script of your projects or the written version of services you provide them. More simply I would say they don’t want to read much but want more content in less time. Video marketing and explainer videos best fulfill the purpose. Technological advancements have taken over the old techniques and people really appreciate quality work which is done in video productions.

Demand is to create a short video ad that explains it all and masses don’t have to keep their focus specifically to one thing for a long period of time. Jingles and background music in video ads play an essential role in grabbing people attention and they even remember slogans and taglines of your company associated with animated videos or even simple videos. Posts with videos attract more people because watching has a better impression than reading. People remember what they see than what they read.


Rachel Payne, CEO of FEM, Inc said;


“Brands are looking to video as a central part of their future marketing campaigns and every content creator knows that video is the essential medium for engaging current and future audiences.”




For a successful business, you need traffic. You want more and more people to get to know about your services. For that, video plays basic role. People like watching video content as it never bores them and they get the whole thing in their heads in 1 to 2 mins.
I personally recommend business owners to go for explainer videos (45-60 sec video). It is economical, money saving and gets more clients for you and eventually more sales.



People remember brand name, logo and tagline of your company for a longer period of time when they watch video regarding products rather going through it orally.

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Your video gets links and social shares and it goes viral in no time. People appreciate good work by honoring with pleasant comments and also by sharing it. Video content is the ultimate thing your business needs for success.


Internet is the future. If your business is not on internet, it is nowhere! The bonus is, it is cheap and more interactive to the potential clients. An Ad which is made by spending millions and millions for tv commercial NOW can be made with $5 in standard package. Fiverr is full of such services. But this ad is different in a way that it is made with animated characters which is more catchy and attractive. And go viral with simple clicks and you don’t have to pay every second it is being watched.


Videos are no doubt the best way to grab audience attention if is made professionally. Hire someone who is having good software for the purpose and is skilled too. Watch demos and then order him/her to make an appealing video for your business. Offer your budget and after explaining your script and story, ask for the perfect work done. Colors matter a lot, print of video should be 1080p (FULL HD VERSION). Quality print plays an essential role for an eye catching video content.



People understand more content about your services in least possible time. It is cost effective and long term in regard to future use. Once the video is made, company owners can use them in presentations too and it has a multi purpose use afterwards.


If you are looking for someone reliable, responsive and professional video designer, I am here to serve you ☺

Look at my Fiverr profile and ORDER in case you need any of my services. I provide potential customers with two services of video making. One is ANIMATED VIDEO (CHARACTER DESIGN) which tells a story of character that he was sad and after getting to know about your services, he felt relaxed as your services best complimented his needs. Second is EXPLAINER VIDEO Animation for which I use Powtoon software and is universally accepted software by experts.


Hope to work with you soon ☺ I don’t prefer fake comments to decorate my profile which people on fiverr normally use to start orders for their gigs. I have just started my services and I just don’t want to use this technique. Until and unless you order, how could you get to know about the quality work I provide? So ORDER NOW as I am providing HD print of videos for free (LIMITED TIME OFFER). See the demos and give me a chance to work for you just the way you wanted. ☺





I am a blogger and a keen observer too. I like to put up light on issues that we come across everyday in our practical lives. The blog revolves around correcting our ownselves, watching where we are lacking and fixing our own mistakes. My aim is to motivate my readers, make them smile with confidence. So, this blog focusses on bringing positivity in our thoughts. Stay updated ! Keep in touch :)

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