What to Expect when you are Expecting!!

There are cases when women are unable to conceive without having any fertility problems. What can be the causes and how to get pregnant is described in the below video.
If Good news finally comes, Thank Almighty for this Amazing Gift! You are blessed! You are entering a new phase of life and that too a wonderful one.
You are going to hear so many experiences of mothers around you who would tell you how you’re going to feel throughout your pregnancy.
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Most of all is, Nausea or vomiting, frequent urination, tiredness, fatigue, heartburn, food cravings, mood swings, morning sickness, constipation and a lot more. But at the end its the most beautiful thing that could ever happen in your life.

First Trimester’s Milestones:

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Its a miracle of God that how an entirely new human being comes into existence with a single fertilized cell!
By Week 6, baby’s bones start to develop including arms, legs, hands and feet.
Skin starts forming between Week 5 to 8.
By Week 5, tube that will become your baby’s heart will begin to beat but as it will get stronger by Week 10, you will be able to hear it properly. Sometimes later, as the position of baby may be different in your uterus.
Lenses begin to form by Week 4 while retina will begin to form around Week 8.
Hair follicles and nail beds forming around week 8.
Brain will develop about 8 weeks of pregnancy.
By Week 8, baby’s intestine n digestive system begins forming.
Sense of taste develops by week 8.
By Week 10 Fingers and toes sprout.
Your baby will develop sense of touch by Week 12.
So it was a precise insight into the first trimester of pregnancy and you gonna love your body structure, thinking that you are having a new life inside of you.
Other milestones of 1st Trimester include:
1. Development of muscles.
2. Production of white blood cells.
3. Development of vocal cords.
Make sure your risk of miscarriage is the highest in the first trimester. So be careful, you are no more like a girl who is flying higher n higher, walking up n down the stairs all the time, moving fast, jumping and thinking it normal to party hard or dance. You need to be cautious in regard to your health, diet and body Movements.
Must start a Parental Vitamins..What I used to have was Mom C Tab. Ask your doctor to recommend you.
Choose your gynaecologist and go for Regular Check ups. Go for necessary tests as those of Hb etc to check whether or not you are having any kind of iron deficiency or not lacking any nutritional requirements . As I had very low Hemoglobin (8.5) when I was expecting so I was given injections and tablets  to meet atleast 11 g/dL.
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Frankly speaking, I used to hate taking any kind of meat especially in my first trimester. Even I used to hate opening refrigerator. But one should avoid raw seafood, raw eggs, or underdone meat. You know there are few girls who say they crave for raw meat. Every pregnancy is different.
Apart from this, pregnant women should avoid having;
1. Unpasteurized dairy products.
2. Alcoholic consumption.
3. Caffeinated beverages.
So here was a short note on what to expect in First Trimester when you are Expecting.
Lets look at some symptoms of  SECOND TRIMESTER ( End of Third Month i.e Week 13 to Week 27).
1. Sex drive returns.
2. Relief from nausea.
3.  You start feeling baby’s movements.
4. Stomache.
5. Abdominal aches.
6. Vaginal discharge.
What to Expect in 2nd Trimester:
1. Energy Returns.
2. Blockage, heartburn and indigestion.
3. Swollen ankles and feet.
4. Increased Appetite.
Yoga, Aerobics, swimming and slow smooth dancing is allowed now. No worries. Do stretching and regular exercises to avoid any extra weight gain.
3rd TRIMESTER. (Week 26 to 40)
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This time is a challenging one, most of the times you will be facing constipation and breathing problems. Your baby’s hearing is properly developed. His eyes, thumb sucking and even crying starts. Eyelids are open. He can hear your voice too and is active towards sounds. By week 30, your baby’s Eyebrows and Eyelashes are fully developed. Finger nails are growing too. By week 39, baby’s head is dropped into mom’s pelvis. And you might will feel clumsier.
You will be experiencing;
1. Breast Enlargement.
2. Fatigue.
3. Swollen veins usually (varicose veins).
4. Weight gain.
5. Backache.
6. Bleeding may be dangerous, must see a doctor asap.
As Week 40 approaches, congratulations its your due date!! Get ready for labour pains and delivery.




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