Why Children should perform household Chores?

Well, talking about my child, He is more into cleaning stuff around. He loves to take duster in hands and clean all the filth away and the way he does this is absolutely mindblowing. He approaches corners to remove dirt. I really appreciate his inclination towards holding housekeeping products and cleaning floor. He is just too small for that but reason why I like it, is thats how he will develop the habit to keep things clean around him.

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Contrary to this, our Pakistani Society does not allow “BOYS” to perform stuff like that. They think they are born to run businesses and touching such products does not suit their so-called status. I feel Mothers should teach their sons to practice these things to be a better human. Dish washing will not harm their health neither cutting few veggies with wife will distress them lol 😀

It is just the change of mindsets that is required in society!

For kids, Yes!! Mothers should keep properly washed products as in like the surface cleaner cloth should be washed properly before use. No problem if kids are touching such stuff and helping their mothers. Infact we should use high quality cleaning stuff at home.This I would highly appreciate about west that they don’t think doing any work at home will harm their dignity and self respect. Reason WHY it is considered bad here in Pakistan might be the “CLASS SYSTEM“. One class is Elite that they can easily keep maids at home and on the other hand, a class is so poor that they want to get themselves paid giving their services to survive or to manage their livelihood. So the children of high class think that this would be a big stigma on their status if they would touch any cleaning stuff in hands. Their upbringing is this way. But ‘We’ with our communication skills can bring awareness in minds of individuals. May be few of our words would click people mindsets and they give it a second to ponder on.


Use Good quality products for floor care as your children are going to play there the whole long day, they gonna touch them too! So dont stop them from cleaning instead keep on assisting them.

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Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids!



Mothers should teach their kids household chores age by age as this would teach them to be a responsible human.



Tasks that Every child should Perform!

  1. Teach them to clean their room baskets, garbage cans, clean floor, make bed, pick up their toys and put them on appropriate place. Likewise moms should make their kids realize that a dirty room is devil’s workplace and he would eventually sleep with them. So better put shoes aside, sweep dustpan and floor.
  2. Don’t ask your kids for perfection. Let them clean mess as they would do easily. It’s just the start. They will learn the right way slowly and gradually.
  3. Wipe out sink in bathroom after using it.
  4. Everything including bathroom floor should be dry and teach them to Switch ON Exhaust Fan for ventilation.

Advice for Mommies:

  • Try to put hand wash (Liquid form) in washrooms rather soaps. I personally prefer this.
  • Don’t make your child addicted to use towels after they wash hands. Rather there should be a hand dryer IF not; then simply let air dries their hands naturally. Why? Because all the particles from towel get attached to hands again and the purpose of washing hands vanishes away.

Age-Appropriate Chores for Children. READ HERE.



If our kids would know to keep their play area clean, they would grow up as more charming persons.

Read BENEFITS here!




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