Worst Apps for kids that every parent needs to know!!

Everyday there are new stories coming up relating girls being ditched by boys, 10 year old girl getting in affair with a 21 year old guy, Rape cases, Dating, Flirting, Black mailing and so many other abnormal issues have occured each day as more and more technologies and apps are being developed.

  • Have you ever tried to find out from where your child get involved with unknowns?
  • What are those apps which have distracted your kid from the right path?
  • Ever noticed why kids are always having mobile phones in hands?
  • Tried to discover the fact behind the story? Tried to figure out what are the functions of apps installed in their mobiles?
  • Do they have any learning purpose or just have been installed to make new friends and date online?

Few apps are as dangerous and life threatening to your kids as poison. As a mother it is your duty to keep eagle eye on your kid not to let him/her get prey to fake people online. Make them learn that they don’t get in contact with bad people on just bus stands or streets. Bad use of internet can ruin their lives too. There have seen such apps which let a stranger enter into your kid’s bedroom, making him/her sexually active. Beware, As a parent you must know few apps that I have listed down. The worst part of these apps is, these are frequently used for sex oriented chats and cyber bullying.

images (75)



This app is famous for its function of evaporating the pics in air after sometime. So girls and boys go on uploading their pictures constantly. Where do these pictures go? There is a third party server where they get saved and can be retrieved by anyone to blackmail your child. Please don’t let your children use this app. Anyone can take screenshot of your child’s picture and misuse it for porn sites. I am sure you would never want to see photos of your children on sexting forums so please try to develop some knowledge of these apps.


w2ZlpSd6This is an app with GPS tracking and let the strangers find way to your homeplace. You need to be very much aware of the results which can be severe. It is an app for dating purpose and cyber pulling in a way that users rate each other’s profiles and one group of kids can make other kid’s rating go down.



This is one particular app because of which smart phones have been banned in school campuses in U.S due to its dangerous use of posting comments anonymously without having a proper  profile.



It’s tagline is not even appropriate for kids. It is :

“Express yourself-Share secrets, make new friends”.

Does it sound good?

Then please don’t let your child use it.

KIK Messenger


Like rest, this app allows your child to share private messages and personal stuff over the internet. So they would easily get into the hands of bad people online.


Hc9zuRkZ_400x400In this app, there is an option for your kid to access porn movies simply by clicking. Please please it is my humble request not to let your kid use any of these apps mentioned in the whole article.


maxresdefault (8)

This is the most dangerous app that even if your kid blocks someone in case of harrasement, that person would still see his/her profile and social interaction. There is less security with this app. Your kid can get nasty with anyone who is asking him/her sex related questions on the forum.



It is a renowned app used for sexual interaction with random strangers.


unnamed (1)

It is an app which makes a community of students under one school where they can post anything or even can post weird stuff about teachers and staff anonymously.



Starngers can use fake webcam softwares to convince your child video chat with them. A 60 year old uncle can place fake images of a 20 year old boy in front of your 15 year old girl through the app, asking for inappropriate pictures and stuff.



It is no more in use nowadays. These kind of apps work on constantly changing phenomenon of getting displayed and then disappear just to pop up as something new.  Beware, your kid must not have these types of applications installed in their phones.



Blendr is an app used for sexting where users can exchange photos and videos.


unnamed (3)This is an app which has nothing to do with the managing music files for your kid (don’t go with the name). It helps your kid hide all of his/her nude pictures and sexting apps from parents. I would like to give one solution here: Add your child to your icloud account and then see what happens. Whatever they would download will directly gets download into your cell phone too.



Parents can never even imagine that this is not for calculating sums or any mathematical use, thinking of the name!! But it is like above mentioned app the key way to hide nude pictures from parents.

If you find any of these apps installed in your kid’s cell phone, It is time to hit “DELETE“. Even kids are so clever to hide these apps on screen.

Dear parents, if these are not visible on home screen then make sure, you go in settings of app manager and uninstall them from there.

Hope it is one of the most informative piece of writing that would help you as Parents 😊

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